Patience is Over-Rated

Good God, I want to be in Vietnam now.  Waiting a week is going to be a pain in the ass!  Plus, with this whole swine flu crisis, I suspect I need to exit the US as soon as possible, before travelers from North America are not allowed to enter Asian countries.  As it is now, officials in Tokyo Narita are taking the temperature of everyone getting off a plane from the United States or Mexico.  I wanna get out while the getting’s good.  How awful it would be to get stuck here or to be quarantined in Japan because I’m running a bit of temperature upon arrival there!

Right now I feel like I am killing time, waiting until I can  collect my students’ final essays on Thursday.  At least then I’ll have a significant task.  Now I have a few details to attend to but not enough to make me feel like I need to hurry.  I had intended to run a few errands this afternoon but instead fell asleep for a three hour nap–total collapse into unconsciousness.

What’s weird is that the closer I get to leaving the more unbearable the wait becomes.  I had anticipated the opposite.  I suspected I’d feel better knowing I’d see S. in a few days.  Rather I’m anxious about never getting there or not getting there soon enough.  Hurry up and wait.  Hurry up and wait.

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