Be forewarned: what you are about to read may make you sick

Several people have pointed out my failure to blog regularly since arriving in Vietnam.  And, yes, clearly this is an issue worth writing about—so you have it, folks, a blog in the making.  At least, I pray to God, it turns out that way.

So the question remains—why have I not been doing this?  And the answer is a big, fat “I don’t know.”  How’s that for insight!  Brilliant observations about the beauty of Asia—not from this chick.  No sir –y—-so it turns out to be a blog about nothing—a non-blog, if you will.  I just don’t feel I have a damn thing to say—a problem I alluded to in my last post.

It makes no sense, really.  I listen to chatter below– in the alley, outside the only micro-brewery in all of Ho Chi Minh City.  I don’t understand a word of it.  I hear children playing, squealing in the street—a motor bike approaching.

Mostly though I think about my dogs and how much I miss them.  I think about how I don’t feel well.  I’ve been nauseous for days.

I AM glad that S. has returned from Indonesia.  She’d been in Java for disaster response training.  Now she doesn’t have to take any more side trips until we return to the states next month—only two weeks from now, actually.

In the mean time, not knowing what else to do, I’m making myself type whatever occurs to me.  Clearly that does not a blog make.  Sorry—————To think they pay me to teach writing.  Scary—————-

I chewed pepto-bismol to settle my stomach.  I’m willing to share.

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