Leaping Lizards


Co-Existing with Chameleon Cousins

Co-Existing with Chameleon Cousins


Okay, I know I should be editing the employee manual for Habitat Vietnam and learning logistics for the Carter Work Project, but I can’t seem to focus on anything but the lizard on my coffee table.  Since we will be hosting 800-1000 volunteers during the five day build in Ke Sat, and I have only a few days to digest material on volunteer coordination, I need to over-come my newly emerging reptile phobia.  Yeah, yeah, I’m not a full-blown phobic, but I clearly need to co-exist more comfortably with my chameleon cousins. 

2 thoughts on “Leaping Lizards

  1. Geckos were a constant source of amusement when I lived in Hawaii. I mean, you have to laugh when you hear a lizard skittering across your ceiling at 3 AM, it’s so surreal – until you get used to it.


    • I was really, really used to them by the time we left Vietnam. But they seemed so much smaller in Haiti for some reason–maybe more of them but fewer of them. In Vietnam, what I never adjusted to were the rats–the size of cats. Woke up one night to find one perched above the bathroom door!


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