Photos from Haiti: entertainment for the journey home!

Minor victory--Finally able to upload photo of Ralph and Lucy!

 Good News—-If you are reading this, I have likely left for the airport in Port-au-Prince, Lucy (pictured above) in tow!  Ralph, the larger dog, will remain in Haiti with Sara and be with a dog-sitter during Sara’s short 5 day holiday in the US.

I apologise for the brief and unfocused nature of this post.  Please know I want to offer you at least a little something during my two-day travel to the US.  Lucy and I will over-night this evening in Miami and fly on to Lexington (via Chicago) tomorrow.

We have two armed guards around the clock at our house in Haiti. This is Jean-Jean, one of my favorite!

Finally, before I head to airport, let me try uploading a photo taken last spring in Cabaret, a small village about a two-hour drive from Port-au-Prince.  The children were totally intrigued by the digital camera and the images displayed of themselves–never seen before!

Kathy with children in a village outside of Cabaret, Haiti.

Again, I apologise for the brevity of this post, but wanted to take advantage of actually being able to upload photos from Sara’s office.  My blog has always lacked a visual component, since we have such a dismally slow internet connection at our house–too slow for uploading photos.

I will try to post tonight from Miami!  Off to the airport—————–

14 thoughts on “Photos from Haiti: entertainment for the journey home!

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and a glimpse into your life in Haiti. So glad you and Lucy are finally en route home for the holidays. Have a wonderful and blessed and peaceful time with family and friends and snow!
    Sunshine xx


  2. hey girl! – love the blog!! – and so cool to see photos! – have a safe and trouble-free trip – I wish you and Sara a wonderful Christmas and look forward to more posts! – love to you both …


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