The long journey: Haiti to “home”

Well, it feels that way! 

But, gosh, I’m grateful that Lucy, my dog, and I are in Miami, still in the cozy hotel room where we spent the night.  We leave a bit later this morning to travel to Kentucky by way of Chicago.  It is an enormous relief to be this much closer to “home”–in this case the place where my family still lives.  I miss them!

In the meantime–a few more photos of Haiti, my other home.  Hope you enjoy!

"Pancaked" buildings are still a common sight in Port-au-Prince.

Camps of "internally displaced persons" are equally common. 1.3 million people are still homeless in Port-au-Prince.

Kathy with children in Cabaret, so excited by images of themselves displayed on the back of the digital camera, they knocked me to the ground at one point in the midst of their enthusiasm.

The view of Port-au-Prince from my other home in Haiti.

Hopefully, Sara will join me soon—home for the Holidays!

11 thoughts on “The long journey: Haiti to “home”

    • Yes, it seems almost perpetually troubled. And it is a Caribbean island–incredible beaches and mountains, lovely weather. Strange mix of fabulous and not so good. But, I’m home! Two weeks home! Thanks for the prayers!


  1. At least you’re one “step” closer to home.

    Lucy, the seasoned international traveler! I don’t think ANY hotel would allow Rosie to come and stay . . .

    Miami to Kentucky via Chicago? How many hours of travel is that?


    • The strange thing about Lucy is this–she is not always the most well-behaved dog–but when we’re traveling she’s an angel. She just loves to be going somewhere, anywhere, I think.

      It’s 7 hours of travel from Miami to Lexington, by way of Chicago–not so bad. I’d gotten used to the 25 to 30 hour travel to Vietnam, so this actually is tolerable. I still feel human when I arrive.

      By the way, I’m home!!!!!


    • Were you a meteorologist in a former life? Glad I can count on you to keep me up to date on these things! But, gosh, as you warned the other day, it’s cold here–and snowing!

      Here being Lexington——-I’m home!


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