Gallery Day: Mixed Media

Another day for art.    This time it’s more recent mixed-media pieces that incorporate paint, color pencil, rubber stamps, wood, beads, found objects, etc.  Hope you enjoy this look at the kind art I love more than most others.

I’m uploading this art before leaving the US and scheduling these particular pieces to post on Monday, January 10th.  More textually-based material should resume tomorrow, Tuesday–at least that’s the plan!  Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Gallery Day: Mixed Media

    • Cool–how fun that you like my work! The first one is (moving from background to foreground): painted wood, cardboard that I’ve washed with acryllic paint and stamped (I made the stamp–so it’s kind of primitive), squares of cardboard decoupaged with fabric, then the drawing itself, with a handmade bead in the middle. The fabric covered a couch I didn’t want to part with, so I saved some of the upholstery fabric, so I could allow the sofa to live on in another form.


    • Thanks, Wendy. The fourth, like the others is a piece of painted wood, which I’ve layered with white water color pager, red craft paper, black and white checkerboard scrapbooking paper, etc. The multi-colored swirl is tempera paint blown with a hair dryer. The circle of text is cut from a page of Virgil’s Aneid. The cross looking brass piece came from an earring whose mate I lost. The bead in the middle I made from sculpey clay, which is baked in the oven. I should have included this information in the post itself, but didn’t have time before leaving for Haiti.

      Hope this information interests someone–but I’m so glad you like this one, Wendy!


  1. Your artwork is so intriguing! Also like #4 best.

    Kathy, how are things going in Haiti now? I was wondering if you would consider writing a regular “news update”-type post (maybe once a week) about the situation there. Or even just have a separate page where you just write a couple of sentences each week.


    • I love the idea of including Haiti news updates. I will try to do some of that tomorrow, but a weekly post of that sort is actually a great idea.

      About #4–read my response to Wendy for a description of what #4 is made of. It might interest you.

      And again, congratulations on Freshly Pressed on Friday–I’m so happy for you, Lisa!


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    • Thanks, Charles! The second piece is painted canvas glued to black craft paper, attached to painted wood. The painting itself is embellised with paper circles of various shapes and sizes. However, the white half circle is cut from a styro-foam (spelling?) picnic plate, and the small circle toward the lower right is a bead I made from Sculpey–a kind of clay that bakes in the oven.


  3. ok…#1 and #2 captivate me!
    #1 because it is “mandala-ish”–i find myself falling deeper and deeper into the image…
    and #2–well, I am and always have been a moon-lover…that’s what it makes me think of…
    blessings, oh talented artist!


    • I too love mandalas and, in fact, draw, paint, collage a lot them–mostly for their meditative quality, the ability to draw you in–into the quiet that is love–the still small point of the turning world, as Yeats would say.

      Thank you, Jane, for noticing!


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