Please Post for Haiti: Pressing Port-au-Prince

As many of you know, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and accordingly huge numbers of media and NGO big wigs are here in Port-au-Prince to commemorate the event.  The streets, still strewn with 95% of the original earthquake rubble, are more crowded and crazy than ever, which is saying a lot for a city whose roads boast potholes the size of swimming pools and mounds of debris that dwarf the SUVs that try to travel them.

So, I’m back in this city I love, hoping to participate in some small way—hoping to commemorate along with many others, both here and around the world, a catastrophe that shook this nation to its historic core, killing nearly a quarter million and leaving, still today, more than a million homeless in Port-au-Prince, entire families living in tents and under tarps that remap the landscape, blanketing the city in a patchwork of sadness and resignation–the hillsides and former parks of Port-au-Prince quilted in the aftermath of tragedy.

Tomorrow the American Refugee Committee is organizing an event called “Bells for Haiti”—asking churches, schools, and city halls across America to ring their bells for 35 seconds, beginning at 4:53 pm EST—the time it took the earthquake to topple Port-au-Prince one year ago.

Likewise, I’m asking those of us at WordPress to somehow remember the Haitian people in our blogs tomorrow.   

Please post for Haiti on January 12th

I don’t know how.  I can’t tell you what to say, since I myself fell muted by the enormity of what we face here.  I’ll post my part, but it won’t be enough.  My voice isn’t loud enough.

But I know the blogosphere can raise a collect cry against the pain and suffering that still cripples Port-au-Prince, still haunts all of Haiti.

So, please press your words for Haiti tomorrow.

Post!  Pray!  Remember!

(And if you’re willing, please re-post this request to your own blog to help spread the word.)

26 thoughts on “Please Post for Haiti: Pressing Port-au-Prince

  1. Hi Kathy – I was thinking of you last night as we watched the news items about what has been happening – or not – since the tragedy of a year ago. My thoughts and prayers go to you and Sara and the people of Haiti – great that you are both there, and doing what you can to make a positive difference.
    Apologies for my complete absence over the last while.
    Sunshine xx


    • It’s so good to hear from you, Sunshine, and thanks so much for thinking about Haiti at this time! I know you must be busy with your new job–hope it’s going well! Indeed, we appreciate your support and kindness–we miss you but you are in my thoughts so often.
      Hugs to you from Haiti,


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    • Good question–but actually things are moving much more slowly here–so many problems with land tenure, which need to be resolved in oreder to build, and no where for the rubble to go on an island. It’s difficult to remove the debris from a year ago, so even roads are passable. So complicated, really.


  3. Perhaps if we start a rumor that Haiti sits atop the world’s largest oil reserve..we could get faster rebuilding done…cannot believe it’s been a year and so little has been done.


  4. Kathy…
    blessings, and thank you for making an impact for good…
    I think I am on to a blog post idea for tomorrow…
    again, and always, blessings
    (and, I will re-post your post this afternoon!)


  5. I don’t know what can be done to keep this alive for people. I still think about New Orleans a lot, five years later, and I know that Haiti’s issues are even more profound. Thank goodness for people like you and Sara. The Newseum in DC has a riveting new exhibit on Katrina. That’s what we need, museums and the media keeping the images of these disasters in front of people’s faces. And another issue: I have once again stopped getting your posts. Totally frustrating.


    • Yes, you’re right–we need to keep these disasters in front of people’s faces!

      However, I’m sorry to hear you are not getting my notifications again. I have no idea what to do about that. I wonder if the problem is more widespread this time, as well.

      At any rate, thanks so much for stopping by, Renee, especially when you are being notified about posts!


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    • Thank you so much. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your post. I appreciate your mentioning it here, so others who read my blog can also take a look at your kind words. Thank you for caring. Thank you for sharing!


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