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Sorry to sound like a bad echo of Gomer Pyle, but gosh, darn—comments to yesterday’s post, a news update about Haiti, did indeed surprise me.

So today’s post poses some questions I’d most like my readers to answer—please—I’m down on blogging hands and knees begging for feedback!

First a bit of background—some random notes on how my thinking about blogs is evolving, thoughts that I think will put my questions in context.

(Please know I’m new at this whole blogging thing—so if you’ve been around the blogosphere for ages and all of this to you is old hat—then this post probably isn’t for you.  But, I’m a relative newbie, so bear with me.)

Yes, in 2009 I started a blog meant to follow the adventure we began when Sara returned to international disaster response work and I stopped teaching, followed her into the field, attempting to tell our story.  However, that material (archived on this site) was only read by friends and family.  I did nothing to attract outside readers—rarely more than 10 people read each post.  If we don’t count that—I’ve been doing this for a mere 2 months, so please forgive my naïve enthusiasm, my gawking and gaping—a country girl on her first trip to the big city of blogging.

But truly, what amazes me most about blogging is the sense of community I feel.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but surely not all bloggers experience the kind of connectedness I feel with those who read my blog and with those whose blogs I read.  If so, WordPress wouldn’t be setting up a blogging buddy-system of sorts—because no one would need it—everyone would already be connected and buddied and belonging.

(I sometimes wonder if I was just lucky enough to stumble into the right group.  Cause I’m new and I feel fully embraced.  Several bloggers have emailed me over the last month or so—offering unsolicited words of caring, kindness, and down-home neighborliness.  I’ve been welcome-wagoned into blogging bliss.)

However, the following questions have come out of this evolving awareness of community and reader involvement in the blogging process.  I pose them to you whether you’re a regular reader here or just stopping by for the first time:

First, I wonder what among the issues I’ve raised, the many topics I’ve explored (a truly eclectic range) would you like to know more about?

I’ve shared some of my art, some of my poetry, some of my personal history, some about the evolution of my relationship with Sara, some about Sara’s work, a bit about my work in India, some thoughts about writing.  But what interests you the most?  And do you have any specific questions I might be able to answer in a post or a series of posts?

I realized for the first time from some of your comments yesterday, that the media in the US and other countries is likely not covering Haiti adequately, that you are not getting the news that you need, the news you deserve, the news Haiti needs you to hear. 

What else do you need to know, or what else would you simply like to know?  What kinds of posts would like to see more frequently?

Please know how much I appreciate your taking the time to read my blog.  I’d just like to know how I can even better serve your reading needs.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll continue to surprise me with your comments, your questions, your care and concern for a country in crisis.

34 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies mean Blogging Bliss

  1. Hey Kathy, I really enjoy your blog and the fact that you write about Haiti, politics, your life, your dog, your relationship, your fears, your dreams, your art … Perhaps think about whether or not you are already achieving what you want to achieve with your blog. For what it’s worth, I think you are doing a great job of raising awareness about Haiti through what you write, even if it is frustration at the local vet! Keep it natural and spontaneous … the readers will follow. Look, they do already!
    Hugs from London
    Sunshine xx


    • Actually, that’s a really good point, Sunshine. Sara pointed this same thing out to me within the last hour–though she took it a stp further. She thinks I should stop asking so many questions and just write. And when she said it I realized how simple it really is and how unnecessarily complicated I was making it.


  2. I’ve been blogging for four years and among the reasons I continue to do so is the sense of friendship and community I feel.

    I am new to your blog, and just have to say that your news report about Haiti interested me. I am more likely to read a blog than a newspaper, and you have first hand knowledge of what is going on there. Keep ’em coming!


    • This is an interesting answer. I hadn’t thought so much about people getting their news through blogs. I may try to have one day a week be dedicated to these kinds of updates.

      Thanks so much for reading and being a part of my community–I certainly enjoy being a part of yours!


  3. My experince is when I start to write about things that are not true to my heart then people stop reading it. Your doing fine. There is a sense of community. This Haiti situation is something that this community you have found is more than willing to help. I still believe that at their core most people want to do the right thing.


  4. I started blogging only a couple of months ago and although I really enjoy writing, it is the sense of community that has sustained me over the past couple months and drives me on to continue!

    I like your blog very much.


    • I so agree, Nicole–it really IS about community for me too. And it’s cool that you say the sense of community has “sustained” you–I like that word. Because, at least for me, writing is hard work, but I’m motivated to continue because that sense of belonging is such a great pay-off.

      Thanks so much for stipping by today- I really hope you’ll come back and continue to comment!


  5. Hi Kathy:

    I’m with Sunshine…we read because you’re a good writer…I don’t think many of us want to pin you down to certain topics! Just keep doing what you do, and we’ll keep coming back!

    You’re right about the “community” here…it’s certainly been a supportive place for me (I’m a relative newbie too…have only been blogging since March/10)! I have blogging buddies all over the world, who I never would have encountered otherwise!

    Like Sara says, just write!



  6. Hi Kathy, I agree with the responses so far.
    I enjoy your humour, stories from Haiti, your personal stories in general and your inspiration pieces and art.
    Keep up the great work!


  7. I agree with other folks here–if you start crafting your work to suit the readers’ needs, concerns, interests, it wouldn’t be yours! I think your question raises interesting points, though. A blog is a unique document–part journal, part conversation. The public nature of something so personal must be a tricky thing to negotiate, but what would you tell your own students if they were wondering about these issues?


  8. i’m with sarah– write and we’ll read 🙂

    that being said, i’ve only read a couple of posts. the one that caught my attention first was about haiti because i have a personal interest. but your style and the topics seem to just draw the reader in.

    but since you asked, i’d like to cast my vote for more news about haiti, particularly because of the very personal manner of reporting. thank you so much!!


  9. Ok, I’m gonna jump on this answer bandwagon and say…. I like the way you write about ANYTHING! I think your humor, honesty, and artistic perspective is interesting whether you’re discussing politics or poems!


    • Thanks, Tori. I think I need to NOT think about it and just WRITE! That seems to be the overwhelming message I’m getting–and actually that seems so obvious now that you all have pointed it out. Don’t know why it escaped me. Duh!


  10. I started blogging 6 months ago. What I’ve learnt in that time, and especially more recently, is that if you write about things that interest, inspire or amuse you (which has always been my intention), your writing comes across as genuine, and not just like you’re trying to please your readers. Somewhere I read this great advice: Write about what you know.

    Kathy, I love the way your write. And you know me, if I want to know something, I’ll ask or make some “helpful” suggestions!


  11. Haha, my answer is coming a bit too late at this point; you’ve heard it a thousand times.

    So, I’ll just say this: we wouldn’t read if we didn’t love what we were reading. 🙂 You’re doing a great job, so please don’t stop! 🙂


  12. (sorry if this is a duplicate — tried to comment yesterday but didn’t realize until much later that i wasn’t logged in!)
    I agree with Sarah, that you should write what you feel like writing about. What I’ve read so far is wonderfully written, very human, and I am hooked. That being said, I’d also like to vote for more news about Haiti! 🙂 You write in a way that is not creative “spin” like the garbage we hear on TV. Thanks for that, by the way!


    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. And thanks also for mentioning what you’d like more of. That’s good to know. I just posted a very news-oriented piece a few hours ago and should have another soon. I’m so glad you stopped by and took the time to comment! You’ve made my evening!


    • Thanks for your comment. Please know I have just discovered some of your comments today in my spam folder. I hope I haven’t lost any others. Feel free to email me if something you try to post disappears.

      Good to know you’d enjoy more news, though. Take care!


  13. I too, enjoy your writings…thanks for sharing. Being even more of a newbie than you, I’m only about two weeks into the game, do you have any suggestions on how to get people to read my blog? Although I am still developing as a writer, and not completely sure what “the point” of my blog is going to be, I would like to feel the sense of community that you refer to above.

    Thx so much!
    Nicole (The Rambling Lily)


    • I’m so glad you stopped by Nicole! I can appreciate how it feels to be REALLY new–I remember. I would suggest you look for blogs that you like, subscribe, and then begin commenting on them. Try looking at bloggers’ Blog Rolls. If you find a blog you like look at other blogs that writer recommends. Take a look at mine, for example. If you begin showing up regularly and commenting honestly and from your heart–like you have here–you will attract readers to your own blog.

      I also appreciate how hard it can be to develop as a writer and figure out what your mesage is. My advice here is the same. Read blogs, notice what you like, try to define for yourself what makes that blog appeal to you and then begin doing it yourself.

      I hope this helps and that you’ll come back. I really appreciate your comment and will head over to your blog later today to check it out. Take care, Nicole, and happy blogging!


  14. Hi Kathryn! Thanks for the message. The link you used to access my blog was incorrect. I made a change, so the new link should work. Can you take a look at my “real” blog…actually have some writing that you can read. Any suggestions, thoughts, or reactions to my posts would be greatly appreciated.



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