Blog is the New Black!

I’m not much of a procrastinator, and as such, I’m going to deal with my second blogging “award” immediately on the Gucci-ed-heels of the last and pass this horror honor along today.  (In case you missed it—yesterday I accepted and “shared” the Memetastic Award.  To read the post click here.)

I wouldn’t want to keep all the glory to myself.  That would be selfish, and that’s just not me, because, according to my friend Wendy over at “Herding Cats in Hammond River,” I’m a “Stylish Blogger.”

Whether this means I’m a blogger with fashion sense or a wardrobe-malfunctioned writer, whose blog happens to be in good graphic order, I don’t know.

The only thing I’m certain of is this: I gotta pass this hot potato along today while folks are already hating me and I have nothing more to lose.

Now frankly, I’m horrified to do this two days in a row, and I apologize to any and all victims of this prize-passing plot.  I want to make it perfectly clear that I won’t be bothered in the least should you ignore this honor all together and move along to less coutured-concerns, like getting the kids off to school, raising your blog’s Technorati rating, addressing the issue of hunger in Haiti, or bringing peace to the Middle East.

But—as a good team player and perfect martyr to the cause of peace and good will in the blogosphere, I formally accept the Stylish Blogger Award, and in doing so, agree:

  1. To (sort of) write seven things about myself. (How’s that for open-ended—something any narcissist worth her blogging salt could pull off with posting pleasure.)
  2. To (almost) present this award to six other suckers bloggers (but the more the merrier).
  3. To (kind of) contact these victims people (as I see fit).
  4. To (by all means) create a link back to the sadist person who humiliated honored me.  (In all seriousness, Wendy’s “Herding Cats in Hammond River” is not only worth reading, it’s worth subscribing to and reading daily.  I wouldn’t think of missing it—truly!)

However, here’s where we get to mix it up, folks.  Because I’m going to ignore adjust the rules and ask instead that you share some little-known truth about yourself in the comments below—maybe even add a link to what you consider the best or most popular post you’ve ever written.  Come on now—toot your own horn here!

And instead of me passing this “award” along to six other bloggers who must then foist it off on six others, I’d like you, in the comments, to nominate a blogger who you don’t think gets the attention or traffic they observe.  Who have we not heard of?  Who have we not read?  Who has not been freshly pressed but, by God, deserves to be?

In fact, I suggest we officially revise the “Stylish Blogger Award” rules, so that the blogger with style, the blogger with class, in fact, becomes the one who asks you to share what’s best about you and bring a friend along for the fun.  Let’s create a little more community here!

Show some self-esteem, dress yourself up, take yourself anda blogging buddy out on the town: share a post of your own and/or a link to your favorite blog.

Because really, folks, a blog is only as good as its readers, and my blog rocks only to the degree that you shake things up and make a difference.

Feel free to do a similar “Stylish Blogger” post of your own, if you like.  Share the glory.  Wear the style.

Give your blog a little haute couture of its own—   

Because blog is the new black!

21 thoughts on “Blog is the New Black!

  1. Great change-up on the rules!
    I will ask that you go on over to read this blog:
    Mark, or, as I like to call him, “Snarky Marky” is a VERY funny/cynical/snarky writer…he lives south of me down in the Portland area…
    and…one of my favorites that I wrote?….here’s one, from last march, on a very, very sad day:

    what fun, Kathy–you are a blogger/friend/woman extraordinaire.


    • Thanks for these links. I look forward to reading Mark and checking out your sad, sad post! Something tells me it’s not so sad, from what I know of you. Can’t wait.

      Glad you appreciated my deviation from the rules!


  2. Congrats again, Kathy! Thanks for the shoutout!

    I’ve pretty much promoted everybody on my blog list at least once (i.e. running out of people to pick on!)…however, this piece by my friend, Chase McFadden, made me laugh hard enough to repost it on Facebook:

    This is one of my favourite posts from the early days:



  3. You so chic, girl! Also, you are on a winning streak like I have never seen, so I suggest you type up at least 8 Thank You For Telling Me I’m Awesome speeches just to be prepared!
    One of my other favorites is Stevie at It’s Hip to be a Square… Her post on achieving greatness is hilarious!
    I think my favorite thing to write was my letter on Baby’s 1st Birthday….totally lacking humor but I meant every word of it 🙂

    What a neat way to share your prestigious award with the common folk! You are the best!


    • What a hoot! I’ll get right on those speeches! By the way, your post today was hysterical–and you so perfectly pitched those bloggers!

      Can’t wait to check out Stevie’s blog and your post on Baby’s 1st birthday–though I think I may have read it already–it will be well worth another look!

      Take care, Tori, and thanks for being such a great sport!


  4. C0ngrats on the award! I am adding you to my blogroll and look forward to returning to your wonderful blog often. Have a great day! 🙂


    • Cool Robin. Thanks for linking us to the Freshly Pressed post. I wonder if there’s an archive of them somewhere. I don’t thing my Freshly Pressed post is my best one either. Sometimes it’s weird what those editors like.

      I will definitely check out “Magnificent Minimalist,” as well!

      Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Thanks to Wendy for reposting me here, and thanks to you for visiting my blog.

    Since one of my posts has already appeared here, I’m going to add two other bloggers that I read.

    One is Stacia at Fluffy Bunnies. She posts a weekly Haiku Friday that I always enjoy, and I think the concept is creative:

    Clay Morgan is another blogger that I visit often. He does a Friday Flick Face-off where he pits four or five themed films against one another in reader voting and gives interesting historical tidbits about each one. He has a double-dip today in honor of Valentine’s Day.

    Like all good things on the Internet, I’m pirating your modified SBA system and running with it. Great idea.

    Take care.


    • Love your blog, Chase! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’ll try the SBA yourself. I think it’s kind of fun, actually. Can’t wait to check out these blogs you recommend. I love finding new ones–really gets my creative juices flowing!


  6. As a fellow rule-bender, I completely approve of your decision to deflect this award to shine light on some under-appreciated bloggers! 🙂

    One of my favourite blogs is While Tangerine Dreams:

    Kathy lives a dreamy, crafty existence in a small town in central British Columbia. I not-so-secretly covet her strawbale home and also love living vicariously through her stylish posts.

    As far as my own writing goes, one of my favourite posts was written on my older blog about the first extended vacation I took with my partner, Marty:

    Fun idea! I’m adding you to my blogroll now. 🙂


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