Awards Ceremony 101

Allow me to apologize in advance (you’ll soon see why) and assure you that, although things in Haiti seemed to be heating up a day or two ago, they’ve just as quickly calmed back down, as Aristide’s arrival has been delayed until housing and security can be arranged—several days, maybe even weeks.

So during this brief lull in exiled-former-presidents-coming-home to Haiti, I’ll finally and officially accept the Memetastic Award Clouded Marble cursed honored me with last week. 

This long-anticipated acceptance requires several things of me:

1. Displaying the “disgusting graphic” (words of the award creator Jillsmo, not mine) of the award itself—a Meme Kitty dancing among balloons and shooting stars, gleeful and glorious in award winning form. 

2. Posting 5 “facts” about myself—4 of which must be bold-faced lies.  (This will be the fun part.)

3. Passing the award along to 5 other bloggers, who will, in turn, do the same.  (This is where the apologies come into play.)

4. Linking this post back to the “Memetastic Hop,” so award creator Jillsmo can track its path through the blogosphere.  (Supposedly failing to do any of the above will cause Jillsmo to haunt and taunt me through the rest of what, I’m sure will be, a short-lived blogging career.)

So, here are some fun-filled “facts” about me.  (You pick out the one that is true.)

  1. Sara and Kathy met on a train from Istanbul to Ankara.
  2. Kathy taught English at Oral Roberts University for 6 years, before leaving to teach writing to inner-city St. Louis teens in trouble.
  3. During the 1980s, one of Kathy’s sisters served in the Peace Corps in Sri Lanka, where she still lives with her Delhi-born husband and 2 sons.
  4. Someone in Kathy’s immediate family won’t allow Kathy to mention him or her in this blog and has asked her to write as if he or she does not exist.
  5. Kathy’s father was a preacher from Ft. Lauderdale.

(Let me warn you, this list is tricky.  The fact must be entirely true to count.) 

Finally, I must part with my prize and pass it along to other entirely-worthy-of-bigger-honors-than-this bloggers I read regularly. 

(Audience cheers expectantly, while best-of-the-best bloggers cower in corners, pens poised to attack if they are indeed identified.)

And the winners are (apologies all around):

  1. Lisa at “Notes from Africa.”  Lisa’s blog was freshly pressed several weeks ago.  She writes about the science she observes all around her in South Africa.  Brilliant blog.  Amazing photos.  You must read. 
  2. Mrs. H. at “A.Hab’s View of the World.”  (Sorry, my friend, I adore your blog and want others to read, as well.)  Mrs. H. writes, sometimes amusingly, but always passionately, about her ambivalence for academia.  She is currently teaching World Lit at the university where she is finishing a Ph.D. in English. 
  3. Tori at “The Ramblings.”  What can I say?  Tori is a 23-year-old mother of one from Tennessee, who is, in fact, one of the best writers I have ever read.  As I told Sara the other day, Tori  writes like Anne Lamott, but “out-Lamotts” Lamott herself.  Tori is wickedly funny and was once freshly pressed twice in one week! 
  4. Deanna at “A Mother’s Tonic.”  Deanna is a Canadian blogger who writes poignantly about both the challenges and joys of motherhood.  She makes me think, she makes me smile, she makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  I think you will love her too. 
  5. Terri at “Into the Mystic.”  Terri is a wife and mother, a bowling fanatic, and kidney donor, who writes about “dragging [her] feet toward empty-nest-hood.”   Terri was also freshly pressed a while back.  I know you’ll enjoy her wit and insight.  She’s sure to make you laugh. 

So there you have it folks.  I believe I’ve fulfilled my obligations according to Memetastic Award protocol.  

May award creator Jillsmo hunt me down and menace me for life if I have failed in these Memetastic duties.  I am indeed a believer in the cause. 

Thanks, again to Clouded Marble, for this great “gift.” As I’ve said before, please read her blog, despite her poor judgement in passing this prize to me. 

Long live the “Meme Kitty” !!!!

I will blog—forever—

A proud winner of the Memetastic Award!!!!

(Applause continue, even as this pronouncement is posted and Meme Kitty exits stage left————-)

36 thoughts on “Awards Ceremony 101

  1. Kathy–
    I have mine to do, still…
    I like your lists–and the lists of blogs!
    I think that #…hm…I can’t decide which one isn’t true…#5, I think…but then, maybe not.
    congrats…??–on your award.


  2. Haha! I am horrified…I mean…err…umm really honored! This award is more intimidating that childbirth. All the steps and links! Hopefully I can live up to your kind words!
    Congrats & All Hail Meme Kitty,


    • I understand how you feel! That’s why it took me a week to claim my prize. I’m just hoping it brings some new traffic to your blog–a pain in the butt, I’m sure, but I think you might get some new subscriptions–hopefully!


    • You’re a dear, Renee. I spend way too much time reading other blogs–more time than I spending writing my own posts, to be sure. Just be glad I didn’t award you this time! Though, I have another award to officially pass along this week, so there will be more victims.


  3. LMAO! I would like to second Tori’s comment except replace “childbirth” with “writing a dissertation.” Lol. No, seriously, though–you’re so sweet to pick me out. Now I need to think of five other blogs…hmmm.

    Also, my guess is between numbers 3 and 4. 3 sounds just too cool not to be true. But it’s also super detailed, which leaves a lot of room for something to be wrong. So maybe it’s 4. Because that’s just too funny (and realistic) not to be true. I can very easily imagine someone saying, “please don’t ever write about me in your blog.” Lol. So…I think I’m going to go with 4. 🙂


    • I say, do the best you can. Unfortunately, I have another award to pass along this weekk, so I am definitely going to run out of victims!

      I will let you know which one was true tomorrow–once more folks have guessed.

      Thanks for not hating me. I hope you get some new readers from this, at least. You’re a good sport!


      • Lol, I would never hate you, especially for giving me an award! (I feel like the father in A Christmas Story–it’s a big award!!) That’s a great point that more readers can come from this; that’s exciting! 🙂 And, I’ll admit, that’s part of the reason why I created a Facebook page for my blog, hehehe.

        I can’t wait to find out which statement was the true statement…I hope I’m right. Lol. Are there more prizes for people who guess right? 😉


      • You better bet there are more prizes. I have another award to accept either tomorrow or Friday. Let me know if you would tolerate another “honor.” It might mean a chance for even more readers–hint, hint. I have to pass the next award to SIX bloggers. How’s that for cruel and unusual punishment! I could even award you six times over with the next prize–all the glory could go to you! I could plug you six posts in a row, but you would only have to accept once. Would that be fair? Feel free to decline this lovely offer.


      • Just got back from your blog. Can’t wait to check out the writers you recommend there. Great job! Yes, imagine what it would be like to have to nominate 11 bloggers in two days. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.


  4. Oh, you are not making it easy to guess which fact is true, are you??? I have no idea.

    I am usually staunchly opposed to memes and blatantly ignore them, refusing to participate. Lucky for you, I am lacking for writing material lately. This meme also appeals to me, strangely enough. Something about the idea of lying about myself… So I do thank you for awarding me 🙂


  5. Applause, applause, and (thank the gods you didn’t pick me) well done! You approached this with good humor and lots of class. Not all of the chosen for these memes do so well and with such grace.

    I haven’t read your comments and responses yet so I’m going to pick #4. No particular reason why other than I have family members who have given me similar rules.


    • Thanks, Robin. Glad you think I did it with class. Didn’t know what to do but make the best of it and have fun–that’s generally my approach to life–Haiti included. I will let you know in tomorrow’s post which one was true. Gotta keep everyone guessing.


  6. Thanks, I think, Kathy, for the shout out.
    I might have to pull an all-nighter to cover all of those bases outlined in order to accept the award. What am I going to do with this acceptance speech I’ve drafted? When can I buy my imitation Chanel dress?
    Oscar/Memetastic, here I come!


    • Toooooo funny, Deanna! I think you have the begiining of your post right there. I love it! Remember, you don’t have to respond tomorrow. It took me nearly a week to accept my prize–so be sure to get some rest. You’ll need to look good in that dress!!!!!!!


  7. Congrats again, Kathy!

    I’ll not even try to guess the true fact (although I’m thinking #2 for some reason) and just wave kitty off with great relief 🙂 Now I need to make time to backtrack (checking the links on the hop-list), and follow, it on its journey. It really is a good way to find new blogs, isn’t it?


  8. Thank you, Kathy for this somewhat dubious honour! I thought I’d get forgotten here at the southern tip of Africa.

    With all those half-truths thrown in, I’m having a tough time deciding which of your statements is completely true. But then I’ve always been a little slow at these kind of games! 🙂


    • Recognized last night that I kind of broke the rules by post partial truths–as the prize requires out and out lies–oops! Hope you don’t mind too much about the award–it’s not something that needs to be done immediately, or ever, for that matter.

      Hope your week is going well, Lisa! Congrats!


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