voice inside my voice

waiting for the voice inside my voice, wondering if it will ever happen

22 thoughts on “voice inside my voice

    • I don’t think I could do a post with even most of my art, as there is just too much of it for one post, but I can try to come up with a way of grouping work in posts–maybe doing a post that reposts the art I’ve shared to date.


  1. This reminds me a lot of Keith Haring’s work (or at least his black and white pieces). Very bold and expressive! I also love your caption… waiting for the voice inside your voice. 🙂


  2. if you look for the outcome YOU believe must happen, the process you think is the “right” one or the one you’re most familiar with (the writing)…don’t you stand in the way of what God might do? How God might bring you through this next part of your journeying?

    If you continue to look to the east for the sunrise, 24/7…you will not see the glorious sunset behind you–and perhaps the very color you need to see, the color God wants to show you, is in the fading day–against your back.

    open hands…sit and wait. glory in the process. no worry.



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