Lexington, Kentucky, Where Only the Horses Run Fast

Lexington, Kentucky may be known as the “Horse Capital of the World,” but I’m proud to announce that the lovely and amazingly lazy town where I live has also made the Colbert Report.

Recently, Men’s Health Magazine ranked Lexington the most sedentary city in America, inspiring Colbert to award this city-of-sloth the highly coveted “Reacher-Grabber Award.”

So, kick back, grab yourself a big ol’ bag of Lays, and allow Colbert to laugh you into the long, holiday weekend the right way, the lazy Lexington way:

Whether or not you, like Lexingtonians, avoid sweat at-all-costs, tell me–what lazy-ass thing will you do to save yourself a few steps this 4th of July?

19 thoughts on “Lexington, Kentucky, Where Only the Horses Run Fast

    • Is this funny or what! This is for real! I’ve hired some mosquitoes to carry you around while you’re here! Lexington, Kentucky, where only the mosquitoes sweat!

      Dear readers–check out my friend Emily/AmblerAngel’s post to understand the significance of the mosquitoes. You will laugh your lazy asses off!


    • I say we do a sit-in to protest this lazy-city designation! We’re a movin’ and groovin’ kind of place!

      Seriously–thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! (Hope the typing didn’t wear you out!) Ha, ha!



  1. I’m more familiar with Louisville than Lexington (in fact, I can even pronounce it properly! – go me!), so I have no idea how lazy you Lexingtonians are. I say embrace it and toast to your #1 ranking with some of that wonderful Kentucky bourbon you’re so famous for!


    • I’ll tell you what’s really funny, Mark. I think Lexingtonians are likely the least sedentary folks in the state! Now eastern Kentucky–that’s sedentary!

      And if you can’t pronounce Louisville, you are in good company! It’s a weird one–but then, Kentucky is kind of a weird state!

      Have a safe drive home!


  2. lol! Funny. My oldest son was just reading parts of that article to us on the trip out to PA. There are a few Ohio cities on that list, too. Makes me yearn to move to Boulder, Colorado even more than I did after my first visit there. Everyone in Boulder seems to be in good shape. I’m sure I could be in good shape too if I lived there. My insurance, as a prophylactic measure, should pay for me to live there. 😉


  3. Too funny! If we were more than 1,000 people we might give ya a run for your money. You never see joggers or bikers around here and even walkers are a rare sight. The most exercise people here get is walking from the truck, into the convenience store, back to the beer cooler, and then back to the truck….. and that alone takes a pretty fit redneck to accomplish….. 🙂


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