More Snow, Less Stress

Today Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity International died–a sad event for many friends of S. and mine who happen to work for the organization in Atlanta, Americus, GA, and other locations around the world.  Millard was at times a controversial figure, but he worked hard, transforming lives around the globe, bulding homes and restoring dreams.  The world is a better place for  his having given what he did to house families in this country and countless others.

It should also be noted that Lexington is suffering today from its second snow storm in less than a week.  Good God–how much wintry weather can one city and one state endure!  At least the dogs are enjoying the opportunity to romp in the white stuff.  Lucy loves to bury her face in the powdery fluff.  Strange creature!

Today it actually felt good to be back in school.  I seem to be getting in the groove again, for which I am most grateful.  For several days I struggled terribly, so much so that I had begun to fear I might never get back in gear.  At last my academic  motor is humming along quite happily.  Now if only the university would grant us a few more days  free from classes in honor of this latest round of wintry weather, I may go romp in the stuff with our dogs  and stick  my own face in the fluffy stuff  like Lucy.  Better to bury your face in the snow than your head in the sand, I suppose.

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