Oh, to be Bangkok Bound

Classes resumed normally today, and for the most part it felt good to be back on campus.  I am sad, however, that I have had to cancel my students’ service learning project for this semester.  This, in fact, makes me sick, as it is usually my students’ favorite activity.  Deborah offered a couple of suggestions today about alternative projects.  My students usually work with Habitat for Humanity.  But her ideas were all food-related and would not mesh well with my class focus on place.  So, I believe, I will abandon the idea of service all together for now.  I simply don’t know how to make it work in the time available.

Today I did group conferences in my office–usually an opportunity for students to practice peer work shopping while I am present and able to offer feedback.  Often peer review is not successful when done in a classroom setting, so I try to make the experience more meaningful and productive by modifying how and where it happens.

On another note, I might mention that we are expecting another round of wintry weather tonight and tomorrow.  Hopefully this will not interfere with classes, as more missed sessions would likely cripple my students progress, what little of it we have been able to make.  At this point I’m looking more and more forward to extended time away from the classroom.  The first week of May and my departure for Asia can not get here soon enough–oh, to be Bangkok bound!

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