Even Words Betray Me

Language, language everywhere.  But not a thought to think. 

That’s where I find myself today, folks.

No words.

One image.

A mixed media drawing I completed yesterday—

(Note: NIMH is the National Institute of Mental Health.)

30 thoughts on “Even Words Betray Me

  1. Love the artwork Kathy. I have to ask…Did you plan the use of NIMH in your collage or did it just happen that way? I love the mixed media!

    Sometimes when I am at loss for words I become like the blind person that is more observant through all their other senses.



    • Thanks, Jean! Actually, I did intend to use the NIMH here. But I certainly understand what you mean by somehow seeing better in the dark–so true! I so appreciate your taking the time ro read and comment. Hope you’ll come back!


  2. But when you speak many languages, letters are not the only one of significance. Consider your many artistic languages a gift. Another beautiful, provoking piece of art.


  3. As someone who uses images more than words, I know that they (images) do sometimes speak louder than words. Your art, to me, certainly does that. I enjoy your words as well, and have to agree with a previous comment about how you speak many languages. 🙂

    I already knew what NIMH is, partly from my husband’s work, mostly from the animated film (“The Secret of NIMH”).


  4. Kathy–
    cat got your tongue?

    blessings…sometime’s it’s just best to sit in the silence and let the language fall around us like a renewing rain…

    best to you


    • How funny, Jane! Cat clearly did have my tongue. (You know, I wonder where that expression comes from.) And I love the idea of sitting in silence, waiting for the words to come. Happy Easter to you, Jane!


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