Hooray for Not Laboring on Labor Day (Unless Art Work Counts)

In the US today is Labor Day, a national holiday celebrated the first Monday of September, in honor of the American worker.  Traditionally marking the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, Labor Day is known for parades and backyard barbeques.   

At our house here in Lexington, my partner Sara and I are doing none of these activities.  In fact, we are enjoying our first Labor Day in several years back in the US doing nothing even remotely traditional.  Having lived outside of the US for two years (first in Vietnam and then in Haiti), it would seem we’ve forgotten how to do the family picnic with fireworks and corn-on-the-cob.  Neither of us even remembered the holiday was coming.

Perhaps, it seems strange to be celebrating the American worker when nearly 10% of the US population is unemployed and major industries continue to send jobs overseas. 

However, it has been a productive weekend for me creatively, as I’ve continued working on the table I salvaged for the trash two weeks ago.  Do you suppose that’s labor worthy of the holiday we’re celebrating today?

In case you’ve forgotten, the table was rescued from the garbage looking like this:

What follows is, first, a brief review of the progress I shared in my previous post on this project and, secondly, an update of my efforts since that time.

Part One  (a review):

Part Two (an update on my more recent progress):

This project is still far from finished, but I promise to continue updating you with my progress.  It’s been lots of fun so far.

In the meantime, happy Labor Day to my readers in the US, and happy actual laboring to my friends a little further from home.

41 thoughts on “Hooray for Not Laboring on Labor Day (Unless Art Work Counts)

    • I’m so pleased you like the table. I’ve actually been working on it all day today, so I should have another update before too long. Hope you have a great day, as well. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!


  1. Amazing! Mom and I both agree — you are incredibly talented in so many ways. I love your art, Kathy. And you! Sophie & Zoe send their love. 🙂


  2. Love the checkers ! And the way you filled in all those colors. This post made me feel like I was sitting there watching you work 🙂
    And I think holidays are great for doing more of what we love to do….totally at our leisure! And celebrations just get in the way of that unique pleasure, don’t they? Haha! Twisted, I know…


    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Munira! I love being lazy on holidays. The more of nothing I do, the more I love it, in some ways. I’m so glad you like the checkers so far. (That’s only half of them, if that makes sense.) It’s great to hear from you today, my friend!


  3. Hey friend, I sold an old bench at my garage sale that I knew I continue to ignore. Seeing your table gives me a little regret. But reality speaks. As always, love your artistic work. Marlene


  4. Labor Day for me was weird, since I’m not actually laboring at the moment. Plus, my kids are with their mom this week and my folks are globetrotting around the world. I just stayed home, made a chicken burrito and watched TV.


  5. This. Is. Gorgeous!!! Just checking in after a Canadian Labour Day filled with tons of labour on my part… the busiest weekend of the whole season! Can’t wait to see the finished product, but kudos to you for the breathtaking work you’ve done on the table so far!


    • Thanks, Dana! I’m so glad you like the table so far. I’ve been working on it for the past two days, so hopefully it will soon be done. I can’t imagine how ard you must have been working. Sorry you had to labor so hard on Labor Day! I guess your season will be over before too terribly long, so maybe things will calm down in another couple months. It’s great to hear from you!


  6. Wow, Kathy! I am immensely impressed. My mouth was gaping open as I scrolled about halfway through the photos…but by the time I got to the tape removal, I breathed “wow!” It’s literally breath-taking. I can’t imagine what else you’re planning to add to it…this is so stunning!


  7. Another blogger (A Mandala a Day http://wp.me/s1WSRc-92) has started posting her creations of mandalas and thought you two might like to look at each other’s art. I will zap over to her blog and leave a similar note.

    The vibrant colors and strong graphics of your design fill me with excitement and slow contemplation simultaneously. Thank you for sharing.

    I found you through your comments on Bagni di Lucca in September and have not forgotten this design.


  8. Wow! I wish I had your precision! I love mandalas and hypotrochoids, but I’m just not capable of the beautiful, mathematical variety. I visited because a lovely lady who visits my blog (dailymandala.wordpress.com) suggested I look you up. She was right – this is indeed an interesting blog! Thanks for writing!


    • I visited your blog and absolutely loved your work–so much so that I subscribed. I love the freedom you have found within the mandala form. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll come back again soon. It was an honor having you visit.


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