Rewriting 9/11: Posting our Way to a Peaceful Planet

On the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US, my partner Sara and I are celebrating the peace that brings us together–how that peace manifests itself both in blogging and in her work, responding to world disasters.

In this spirit of peace, Sara posted the following on her Facebook page:

10 years ago today I watched the world change.  But I was not alone.  I was in a room with national leaders from 80 plus developing countries.  We offered out prayers together with joined hands and shared tears.  Against this horrific backdrop—in that room, hands held—I witnessed the good in mankind.  It is that good that I honor today.

It’s hard to say it better than that—to more clearly articulate what we feel today—especially about how Sara’s work in the developing world has changed us—marked us—made us better, richer, fuller. 

It’s this that we think about this morning—that in the midst of disaster—the collapse of two towers in New York, the devastation of two tsunamis in Asia, earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, floods in Pakistan—we see people come together.  We join in prayer—rebuilding with purpose a better tomorrow.  We share peace.  We break the bread of brotherhood.  We bow our heads, thankful for what we share—more grateful for what we have in common than sorry for what separates us.

It is this that blogging does for me, as well—makes me appreciate my WordPress brothers and sisters from so many corners of the planet—posting, commenting, coming together in peace.

On this 9/11 anniversary, I bow my head and tip my hat to you, my friends.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for sharing, for blogging a better tomorrow.

Huge hugs and love to all of you who post your way to a peaceful planet.

18 thoughts on “Rewriting 9/11: Posting our Way to a Peaceful Planet

    • You know what, Mark? You’re a blogger who does exactly what I’m talking about here. In making fun of yourself, you break down barriers–you make us all feel a little bit more okay about ourselves. You bring folks together. I’m learning that blogging can do this–and probably so much more. Thanks for reading, my friend!


  1. Thank you (and Sara) for shedding the glasses that the press; the rhetoric speakers; and the angry haters insist on putting on our faces. They are filtered glasses, and the filters are dark, not that beneficial. Thank you and Sara for recognizing the lessons to be learned, and for sharing those lessons with the world. If only more people would take off these warped glasses, or better yet refuse to wear them, they would see more clearly where they are going and where they have been. The world needs more clear vision.


    • So true, Steve. We all need to see more clearly. We all have warped ways of seeing, and are espeically blind to our own lack of clear vision. Isn’t it strange how that happens? I love your comment, my friend!

      And goodness your painting in Sarah’s bedroom is wonderful! What a great job you and Lisa did! Hugs to all of you up there in New England!


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