Do-Over: A Frenzy of Freshly Pressed

It happened 15 months ago.

It happened again this week–both times on a Tuesday.

Both times I had a less-than-cool response to being Freshly Pressed.

I may have over-reacted.  I may even have caused a scene.

But 15 months ago my reaction was seriously over-the-top, and only worse than this Tuesday by a tiny margin.

Here’s how it all went down those many months ago.

For those of you who don’t know, for those of you who are just now tuning in, last year I was blogging from Haiti, where not a lot of positive things had been happening, what with the January 12th earthquake, Hurricane Tomas, cholera, and close-to-coup, political uncertainty.

To distract myself from that atmosphere of never knowing what was next, I began blogging again after a year away from posts and comments—from Search Engine Optimization and RSS feeds.

I poured indecent amounts of energy into my renewed foray into the blogosphere.  I was a down-right bloggerly drudge when it came to reading and commenting on the blogs of others.

I wrote and posted—

Posted and wrote some more–

Commenting maniacally in between.

For three whole weeks—

Until  that Tuesday 15 months ago—

Then I did my daily duty of checking Freshly Pressed.

I had developed a near religious devotion to this posting of posts, eleven blogs featured each weekday on WordPress.  I knew my duties as a devotee, arriving with the requisite beverages (coffee and Coke Zero). I knelt at the altar of blogging greatness— and clicked.

Strangely—the list of featured posts included one that had not only stolen the name of my blog, but the name of my post, as well.

This was a desecration.

A cardinal sin against the goodness that is Freshly Pressed!

Then it hit me.

Oh, may the blog gods forever bless the shrine of Freshly Pressed—for, in the name of blessed WordPress

I had been Freshly Pressed.

Heavenly choirs were singing as I twirled my Port-au-Prince kitchen dizzy—

Twirling and shrieking—

Shrieking and twirling—a dervish of posting devotion.

And in this blogging frenzy, I did what any Freshly Pressed diva worth her salt would do.

I called my mother—

“Mom, this is costing gobs of money, so I can only talk a minute, but I’ve been Freshly Pressed.”

“You’ve been what, Dear?”

“My blog.  My blog has . . . “

(How should I explain it?)

“My blog has won a prize.”

“Well, that’s lovely, Dear.”

“What kind of prize?”

(I dare not mention “Freshly Pressed.”  She’ll confuse that with French press or launch into a discussion of ironing!)

“It doesn’t matter, Mom, just a really cool prize.  You should hurry and check your email.  I sent you the link.”

“You sent me what, Dear?”

“The link.  The blue LINK!”

“Oh, the BLUE ink, yes, I know, Dear.”

“But wait, let me write that down.  I don’t want to forget—BLUE ink?”

(To better appreciate my mother’s memory issues see a post called “Airing Family Secrets via Haute Couture.”)

“Just go check your email, Mom.”

You know how the story ends–what matters most–

Not my aging mother trying to figure out how a Smith-Corona world had morphed into Google, Facebook, Twitter–into something called a blogosphere, for God’s sake.

Rather with me—dizzy in my kitchen—reeling with the down-right, unabashed, writing-posting-commenting joy of it all—

And 15 months later, in my way more ordinary Lexington kitchen, I did pretty much the same.

Only this time I didn’t bother to call my mother.  I emailed my now-many blogging buddies instead (after screaming upstairs to my partner Sara, of course).

And they understood–not only the joy of FRESHLY PRESSED–

But how to find the link, as well.


(Thanks, especially, to Lisa and Miranda.  Please check out their blogs!  They are not only delightful bloggers, but dear friends, as well.  They helped make this second Freshly Pressed possible.)

New memoir post coming Monday, so stay tuned.

Note:  If you are new to my blog, you might like to know that, though I’ve been lax of late, I am writing a memoir and blogging about growing up in an organized crime family.  (The post you’ve just read is obviously not part of that series.)  For a list of my  memoir posts, click here.  If you are interested in reading any of my protected posts, please email me at  or let me know in the comments below, and I will gladly share the password with you

110 thoughts on “Do-Over: A Frenzy of Freshly Pressed

  1. Congratulations, Kathryn! This amused me on so many levels…..thinking your blog had been stolen…..trying to make mom understand your “winning”….I could relate to all of it. Wonderful writing and a well deserved “Freshly Pressed”! xoxo


    • Thanks so much, Julia. I’m tickled you enjoyed this post. I’m sure if someone had actually seen me or, better yet, videoed it–it would have been hysterical. I was freakin’ nuts with excitement. I can’t wait to check out your blog! Should be able to do that this weekend! Hugs to you—————


  2. Well done! And an entertaining write-up here! – enjoyed. I have no idea how to get Freshly Pressed, and little idea anyway of how to promote and market a blog so for the moment I’ll just keep reading other people’s posts on Freshly Pressed, and I’ll keep writing for my own amusement and my loyal, little audience. But I think, like you, my mum would be the first to know if it happened!


    • I’m not an expert on blog promotion either. I do know, though, that reading and commenting on other people’s blogs usually attracts new readers. But, actually, it only takes a few readers to make the experience of blogging well worth it. Hope you will keep at! I’m happy to hear from you today. Please come back again!


  3. There is NOTHING like being Freshly Pressed, I agree — and I’ve also been known to scream, holler, run around my house high-fiving myself (harder than it sounds) and generally going bonkers…. SO happy for you, and your wonderful, beautiful blog!!


  4. Thank you for the laugh, but I fully understand the intense obsession. When I first started blogging my life revolved around posting and commenting, to the point that I rarely ate or left my apt (well I never really leave my apt, but this was diff). It was intense!

    I just want to say again contrats on the freshly pressed and keep the posts coming 🙂



    • Ha! Love it, Dave. Wonder if it has anything to do with the bipolar thing? We tend to respond in over-the-top kins of ways? Thanks for the congratulations. So glad you are back to posting and reading! I had missed you!


  5. Wow ! Congratulations ! I have yet to have that honor and I see from your Freshly Pressed blog I have a lot to do to make that happen in my bloggers life.
    I think your work deserves the praise and recongiztion that it has received!

    Big (((Hugs)))! Now I have to go read your first Freshly Pressed blog for I just read your latest! and commented there!


  6. Haha. Soak up that Freshly Pressed buzz for as long as possible, Kathy! It’s especially great the second time around.

    I remember when I first got Freshly Pressed…I didn’t even know what it was. I had never read the Freshly Pressed page before, and I couldn’t figure out why I was getting all these random comments and “likes”. Then I looked at my stats and finally figured it all out. I was so excited when it happened the next time, because then I knew what it meant and I could appreciate it better.

    Congrats again!


    • Heather, that makes it even better–the fact that you didn’t know about FP. I love that! In some ways the second time is even sweeter. Still wish I understood how the selections happened. I know a few writers who are great bloggers but have never been FP. It’s them I really want it for now!

      Thanks for the congratulations, my friend!


  7. CONGRATS “she says screaming”!!! That is so awesome and I must admit I am jealous—just a teeny tiny bit!!! I long to be Freshly Pressed and I hope that one day the powers that be will make that happen for one day. But for now i will revel in the fact that several of my bloggy friends are achieving fame and dare i say–fortune—with their achievements!! Way to go!!!! So happy for you!!! Cheering from Iowa!


    • You are such a sweetie, Beth Ann. You so, so deserve it! It will happen. I know. However, think what that would mean for “Comments for a Cause.” Good for the cause, expensive for you. Ha, ha!

      I wish blogging meant FORTUNE! How do we make that happen? That’s the opperative question! Hugs to you———-


      • Well, the fortune part I don’t think I could handle if it came my way….I am blessed with all that we have at this point and so grateful so that is why Comments for a Cause is such a great thing for me. Kind of my way of doing a little to give back! But I am thrilled when one of my bloggy friends gets Freshly Pressed!!! Hope you can hear me rejoicing with you!


    • Oh, thank you, Sandy! I don’t know how selections are made. I do know it does a lot for traffic and nearly cripples the fingers of folks trying to respond to comments. BUT well worth it! Hugs to you, sweetie!


  8. Not only am I smiling due to your happiness, but also because of the image I have of Laurie doing a Snoopy Happy Dance for you! Hey, I might just join her! Congratulations Kathy!!! 😀


    • Snoopy Happy Dance has got to be great, doesn’t it? I love it. I’m glad you are happy for me. I want to get over to your blip site to get a better look at you daughters tattoo. Sara showed me, but only held up her laptop from several feet away. But from that perspective it looked gorgeous. Just want to look at more of the detail. Hope she heals well.


    • Oh, Dana, you’re a sweetie! Actually, in this case two of my readers apparently sent emails to the “powers that be” to nominate that particular post. Who knew they would respond? Great to hear from you, Dana!


  9. Thanks for the shout out, Sista. Truly, all I did was email the powers that be, at Lisa’s suggestion, and say “Hey, are you paying attention here?” The rest is all you, dearheart. Congrats on your FP! Your writing is fantabulous!
    (Incidentally, when I found out my article was going to be published I screamed “Oh my God, Oh My God, OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT!” and then cried. All three of my guys just stood staring at me, because, clearly, I’d lost my mind.)


    • I would have done what you did, at the very least. Christian Science Monitor is a way bigger deal than FP. I feel sorry for you having to live with so much testosterone–though we have excess estrogen in our house.

      I still appreciate the email–a lot! Now we need to get you featured, as well. I want you to have that experience! Hugs to you, my dear. Hope those boys are back at school today!


      • One boy was back at school. The other was a little green around the gills. I told Jim, “Sure, you get to go party hearty in Wisconsin while I deal with pukey kids. How is this fair again?”
        I don’t know which is worse: testosterone overload or estrogen? At least when you feel weepy for no good reason Sara understands. I just get three hairy apes looking lost. LOL


  10. HEEE, that was a fun read… Thanks! CONGRATS, again! When I mentioned my “prize” this week, my guy said: “You pressed my pants? Why?” I’ve never pressed anything in my life, mind you. 🙂


  11. You certainly are the poster child for happy this week. I look forward to reading the post you’ll write when you win the Mega Millions jackpot. Seriously, you are such a dedicated blogger, you’re in a league of your own. Congratulations again.


    • Oh–Mega Millions would be amazning! But actually, I think there are some who are way more dedicated than me–especially these folks who post daily. I tried that for awhile. Sara nearly threatened “divorce”–not actually, but she didn’t like the amount of time I spent on my laptop. Hope you are having a good day, dear V!


  12. You are just too cute! I probably would have thought the same thing!

    Love this bit, especially: “Not my aging mother trying to figure out how a Smith-Corona world had morphed into Google, Facebook, Twitter–into something called a blogosphere, for God’s sake.”

    You deserve all the accolades, Kathy! And so much more! xoxo


  13. If anybody deserves the honor, Kathy, it’s you. That was the perfect post to have Freshly Pressed, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see it there. Congratulations! Can I have some blue ink too, please?


    • You can have all the blue stuff you want, my friend–at least as much as Tara will tolerate. You are a sweetie. It was actually a really fun post to write, as well! Hope you all are enjoying Seattle–assuming you are still there. Tell Tara I said hi!


  14. I absolutely love your description of the convo with your mom…sounds similar to my interactions with my own mother. God bless her, she keeps sending people to “” to read my blog; the problem is, that’s not my site (nor do I think it even exists). She had read my post where I talk about the fact that I have the #1 ranking on Google for “shit divorce” — and now she things that’s my website.

    The funny thing: I should actually try to scoop up that site while it’s unregistered. One never really knows how many people my mom has told to go to this site!

    Congrats again on the honor — alas, I swear too much on my blog (and thus have asked the WordPress gods to grant me a “mature” rating — mostly so my own children’s parental blocks will prevent access), which precludes me from being Freshly Pressed. Sigh…



    • I love it, Mikalee! Love that “profanity” makes it’s way into your blog. Love it that you mother keeps sending folks to “shit divorce.” That’s hysterical. My partner Sara says I curse in my sleep. Also, happens when I watch UK (Univeristy of KY) basketball. Alas. I tell my sister not to bring my nephew over to watch a game, as my mouth is out of control. And the funny thing is–I don’t even like basketball! How weird is that?! Hope you are having a great day, my friend!


  15. Hi Kathy, so pleased you made freshly pressed again. You are a blogging rockstar. 🙂 I imagine being freshly pressed is a pretty big deal… one that perhaps non-bloggers cannot understand. So, I am glad that it sounds like you had a good support system to lean on this time. I think when I become freshly pressed, none of my friends will understand the joy I will be wearing…. or the exhaustion that will probably be the result at the end of the day.

    I do so enjoy your posts and I will take a look at those other blogs.

    Big Hugs,


    • You are absolutely right about non-bloggers not getting it. And it might not be such a big deal, if it didn’t bring in so many new readers. And–you are right about the exhaustion, as well. I have been spending an obscene amount of time responding to the comments. It’s fun, really fun, but takes hours and hours.

      I really want FP for you to, Currie. You SO deserve it! Hope you’re having a good day. And big hugs to you, too!


  16. Congratulations again on being FP, Kathy! It was a well-deserving post, and you deserved another moment in the spotlight! 🙂 Nice to read this post again.


    • Glad you enjoyed the new and improved version. (Sara did not want me to use this, but I couldn’t help myself, as I have done little for 2 days but respond to comments.) Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your long-standing support, Dana! Hugs to you—-


    • I truly think commenting is the most important part of growing readership. I’m sure I read at least 40 blogs a day. Reach out and folks are inclined to reach back. People like to connect–at least that seems to be the case to me. You are doing EXACTLY the right thing, my friend!


  17. Oh, I hate that I’ve fallen so far behind in my blog duties! I missed your Freshly Pressed post! Rest assured, I’m heading there just as soon as I can!

    (I was Freshly Pressed once and I remember the giddiness I felt at that honor! Congratulations, my friend!)


  18. Kathryn, I applaud you! So well deserved. Congrats! I read that post of yours, and commented, too, but somehow I didn’t realized it was FP’d! Which makes me a ninny, I suppose. But I rarely look at the FP page, as I follow so many bloggers, that I don’t have time to read any other ones, but I will (maybe not daily, but often), if only so I know when one of my blogger pals gets an FP award. Maybe you should have told your mother you won an Oscar. I’m sure she’d get that! 😉


    • It was FP several days after it was posted–so most of my regular readers had seen it well ahead of time. Know what you mean about following so many bloggers. For me, it’s hard to stay caught up.

      Hadn’t thought of the Oscars option. But, I swear to God, if I had said that, it wouldn’t surprise me were she to ask, “Who’s Oscar?” I know. Pretty bad, isn’t it?


  19. Well done 🙂 I can only equate this to when I had my first (and only) article accepted for publication….. I was bouncing around for weeks – feels great doesn’t it. Makes it all worth while 😀


    • It’s exciting, isn’t it? I think folks who respond with enthusiasm get so much more enjoyment out of life. Great to know you did a bit of bouncing yourself. Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  20. Congratulations again, Kathy! I am so glad WordPress picked up your wonderful blog and Freshly Pressed you for the second time. Smiling about you calling your mom and trying to explain. (I did the same thing when I was FP. OK, called every immediate family member.) It’s a wild ride and you deserve to celebrate BIG TIME!


  21. Pingback: Now, You Can Freshly Press Yourself Just Like I Did!

  22. Kathy!! It finally happened again! I’m SO happy for you, cos I knew that being FP’d again after that first time was something you had been striving for for so long! Y’know, since subscribing to so many bloggy friends, I’ve practically stopped visiting the Freshly Pressed page….I simply can’t spare the time to read them unless some great photography or an interesting topic catches my eye. So I’m so glad you wrote this as it made me visit the FP page and search for you and grin madly at seeing you there 😀
    And I told Huz and Amu about it too and they said ‘congratulations!!’ Big hug!!
    p.s. the post they picked to FP was just perfect this time, don’t you think?


    • Mun, you are so, so dear. I can’t believe you even told your family, but, gosh, I love it! It has indeed been my goal to be FP again–and finally it has happened! I know what you mean about being too busy to read a lot of FP posts. However, I sure do appreciate your reading mine! Hugs to you——-


  23. Congrats, Kathy! Not only is your reaction cute as hell, it’s totally appropriate. In fact, I know Mark would be a complete SPAZ if he ever got Freshly Pressed. Dare to dream…(so I can write about it and post funny videos).


  24. Congrats again! I loved that conversation you had with your mom, hysterical. It’s funny that when you get Freshly Pressed, those closest to us don’t understand why all the hubbub. My husband is always, huh? What’s that mean?


  25. I’ve been out of town, so I’m a little late to the Freshly Pressed party, but hooray for you! Way to go. You totally, absolutely deserve it!
    I’ve never been on FP. Maybe soon. 🙂


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