Women Writers: A Common Song

While I’ve been busy entertaining, I thought you might enjoy my partner Sara’s perspective on this week’s visit with fellow WordPress  bloggers Tori of “The Ramblings” and Lisa of “Woman Wielding Words.  The words Sara shares (on her Blipfoto site “Que Sera Sara“) are few, but her observation is well said and beautifully imaged.

My partner Kathy has relished spending time this week with a couple of her visiting writer friends.  I’ve enjoyed overhearing them talking “shop” — impressed with their passion and sympathetic to their common struggles.

Lisa, Thomas (Tori’s son), Tori, and Kathy in our back garden (L to R)

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
~ Maya Angelou

Stay tuned for more on my visit with Lisa and Tori early next week.  Tori and her son Thomas headed back to Nashville after breakfast this morning.  Lisa will be here till Sunday.  After that I’ll be back reading your amazing posts as usual.  Sorry to be away this week.

45 thoughts on “Women Writers: A Common Song

  1. Nice photo Sara. I like the perspective. Were you perched on a fence post, tree branch or doing a balancing act on a canopy as Kathy tired hard to appear nonchalant about your Margaret Bourke-White moment? Seriously, it looks like it was a lovely gathering amongst buds. It leaves me snark-less (almost).


  2. *sniffle* I miss you!
    So glad that you had some friends to talk shop with! I so enjoyed our conversations about writing. Out here in Podunk we have no writers for me to bond with. *sigh* Tell Lexington to move here. We are only 20 minutes from Lake Erie and we have some nice beaches to visit…..


  3. A lazy, comfortable day with friends and fellow writers….with your wonderful partner snapping pics! What more could a girl ask for? Looks enchanting, stimulating, and like just plain fun! Sign me up! xoxo


  4. I love this photo, along with Sara’s words. I had to give up Blipfoto (just didn’t have the time), and I miss visiting Sara’s daily blips. Can’t wait to hear more about the visit. 🙂


    • Oh, the next post–the one from yesterday fills in the details with words, photos, and even video–so check it out. It was one amazing, and even at moments harrowing, adventure! Check it out. So great to hear from you. I’ve missed being away for a week!


  5. This is so sweet, Kathy. Between the photograph and the short words, I get a soft warm fuzzy feeling. Tell her I like the angle of the photo looking down on you “writer women”.


  6. Sara has a great ability to capture a moment. I love this photo – all of you relaxed, leaning back in your chairs, feet up, so obviously comfortable with one another. What fun!


    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Sara takes a lovely photo–one that manages to capture the essence of an experience. Thanks so much for taking a look, Terri. Hope someday you can sit in our back yard, as well!


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