Forgive my Carpe Diem

Today is my beautiful Sara’s birthday–a woman I’ve adored for five fabulous years.

For those of you who might not know, my partner is an international aid worker who directed her NGO’s response to the 2004 tsunami in Asia, as well as their operation in Haiti following the earthquake last year.  She’s lived everywhere from Afghanistan to Thailand, India to Indonesia.

Yes, I may be biased, but I’m not alone in recognizing her brilliance, her remarkable leadership, her pure heart, the hope she brings to thousands.

(This birthday is my opportunity to brag, so I’m seizing the day–hope you’ll forgive my carpe diem.)

If you can tolerate my unabashed pride in Sara’s work, please come with me on a photographic journey–a partner’s path in action–

A path that involves rocking:

weight of the world?

And rolling:

leveling the playing field


lots of eating

Talking :

in unusual settings


with tribal leaders in Afghanistan

Sometimes her work involves children:


And camels:

being Sara's partner--one heck of a ride!

Sometimes it involves Clintons:

Hangin' with Hillary

And Carters:

jammin' with Jimmy

Sometimes it involve speaking:

Ke Sat Village, Vietnam

Always it involves pulling your weight:

not another tug of war!

Even bringing out the heavy artillery:

Soviet era warheads in Afghanistan

But often we do the heavy lifting together:

building a solid future

Yes, sometimes Sara wants to pull her hair out:

Is crazy contagious?

But basically we live our lives like everyone else–loving one another.  We just do it from far away places:

like Thailand

like Vietnam

Loving one another:

Lexington, Kentucky

And the dog that brought us together:

Sara, Kathy, and Ralph

Not to mention our other dog:

Lucy, who insists of silly hats--

There’s nothing as amazing as the woman I love:

I love you, sweet Sara!

Happy birthday, Baby!

(To read an article about Sara that was published this past year in the “Lexington Herald Leader”, click here.)

49 thoughts on “Forgive my Carpe Diem

  1. Oh, Kathy, this overwhelms me. What a beautiful homage to Sara, to love, to commitment, to the joy you create together. And what a remarkable woman Sara is. I am thrilled to be sharing my birthday with her!


  2. Nice post! You two look very happy together. I hope she has a great birthday and that you have a great day too 🙂


  3. Sara is an amazing woman! You are an amazing woman! The two of you together are a wonderful, lovely couple. I’m honored to know both of you, even if it is only through this blogging community and pictures. Happy Birthday Sara! May you have a year full of love, adventures, and joy. And Kathy, may you continue to celebrate the amazing lives you ladies have lived,


  4. This is a lovely tribute to Sara. The photos are very interesting – what a wide variety of people she has to deal with! I am in awe of not only Sara’s talents, but of how she is using them to better other people’s lives.

    Happy Birthday Sara!


    • Oh, I have a post about that. I think it was from Dec 20th or 22nd or something like that–2010. I will tell Sara you said happy birthday. Thanks so much from both of us———————–


  5. Happy Birthday, Sara. Wishing you a marvelous day and a wonderous new year. Love the article and the two of you.


    • I will tell Sara you left this message. I suppose you have heard from Jill that we will be coming to Americus later this month. Can’t wait to see you all!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Erin I said hello!


  6. Happy birthday to your Sara, lovely Kathy! Such a very special tribute – you are clearly meant for each other, and I am so blessed by the joy and pride you share in each other. Many blessings to you from sunny London town!
    Sunshine xx


  7. What a blessing! The both of you and your love! Thank you for sharing.
    May it be Sara’s best year yet! I wish you both a lifetime of joy!


    • Ah, how sweet! I hope it’s her best year, as well. Thanks so much for your warm wishes, and thanks, as well, for taking the time to comment. I hope you’ll come back. It was great havng you——————


  8. Indonesia is my country 🙂 and yes, there was tsunami in here (exactly in Aceh).. and of course, I’m glad to say thank you 🙂
    both of you are really great woman, i hope that i can be like you..

    #By the way, the dog is very cute ^_^


    • How great to hear from you. Yes, my Sara worked in Ache after the tsunami. She was brought in on a UN helecopter very soon afterward. You had unimaginable loss and devastation there! Hope your family was all okay!


  9. Fortunately i didn’t live in Aceh, but, yes, that disaster really made everyone in my country is concerned.
    I’ll like to read your post frequently, Kathryn 🙂


    • I’m relieved to know you didn’t live in Aceh! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you are reading! It’s wonderful to have someone from Asia in addition to a few of my friends in Vietnam. Thanks for you kind comment!


  10. 🙂 i’m trying to write post in english. Therefore, i read some blog to increase my ability in english. Then i find your blog is really great. You’re a kind person too because you reply my comments, and it’s really make me happy.
    Thank you so much 🙂


    • I think it’s great that you are trying to blog in English. English is a difficult language! But I also think you are very kind to leave a comment. I truly appreciate your sharing a bit about your life and reading a bit about mine. That’s what’s so great about blogging! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend—————-


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