Street Life in Ecuador (Part 1): The Doggy Edition

I’ve long been fascinated by the relationship between face and place, the ways a particular location impacts the people we become and how we share those images of ourselves with the world around us.

However, in response to a WordPress Photo Challenge (one that focuses on street life), I’ve decided, over the next couple of weeks, to do a two-part series that will feature creatures rather than people, to highlight the critters that make the streets of Ecuador so special.  Part 1 will share a series of canine photos, while Part 2 will offer images of the many other animals seen on the streets of this Fido-friendly country.

Sometimes I’m still amazed to see farm animals roaming the roads of my own neighborhood—one that is decidedly suburban.  And I relish the canines my Cuencano friends costume in human clothing. In fact, this practice of doggy dress-up seems even more common here than in the US.

So–sit back, relax, and enjoy Part 1, today’s journey in puppy pics.

White Dogs

Our dogs Ralph and Lucy are both blonde, but there seems to be an inordinate number of white dogs in Ecuador. In the next photo, Lucy gets a great view of Cuenca, spread out below.

DSCN8185 (2)

During our first week in Ecuador, Ralph waits with me to move into our short-term rental in the heart of El Centro, the colonial core of the city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


But below are two more blonde dogs who are out and about.



Red Heads

But not all dogs are white.  Some are almost auburn.


This next guy is going places, while the following two definitely aren’t!

P1170921 (2)


P1010924 (2)

Sandy Dogs

Others are in between.


P1010512 (2)


Kids and Canines

But children, the world over, love dogs.  I think this boy with his black puppy is especially sweet.

P1170876 (3)


Dog Tags

Canines are as common in urban Ecuador as the street art I’ve come to adore.  Below are “dog tags,” if you will.

103_2377 (2)

103_2376 (2)

Pack Animals

For some it’s all about the group.


101313Cuenca Canines

Though others, I’m afraid, are packed in cages.


Doggy Drag

Get a load of the canine costumes.  And, I swear, it’s not just a Christmas phenomenon.






100_3292 (2)

Guard Dogs?

Maybe these canines are meant to dissuade trespassers, but when we pass, at least, they seem out-going and happy to greet the “Gringos.”








And like the neighbor dogs, our Ralph never met a stranger.  He wags a happy greeting.


Remember, next week’s post will feature photos of the many other animals I’ve also seen on the streets of Ecuador.  It’ll be called “Street Life in Ecuador (Part 2): The Critter Edition.”  Stay tuned!

So do dogs roam the streets where you live?  Do pet-lovers in your town dress up their pups in doggy drag?

Note:  We will be traveling to the beach this week, teaching a week-long workshop the next, and having house guests from the US after that.  So, while I will respond to comments on the posts I publish (if our internet on the coast is working), I will not be able to visit as many blogs as I usually doPlease know I will be back as soon as my schedule allows.  In the meantime, thanks so much for stopping by.  And PLEASE leave me a comment below.  That way I will miss you less!

143 thoughts on “Street Life in Ecuador (Part 1): The Doggy Edition

    • Yeah, we get a total kick out the doggy drag here. It’s quite the thing, and we never fail to laugh-out-loud love it! It happens all year round, but over the holidays it was like doggy drag heaven.

      Thanks for taking a look. Wonderful to hear from you, Cathy!


  1. I always love posts that feature my man. Ralph is SO adorable! Love, love, love him! How can anyone resist all those beautiful brown eyes? I am Facebook friends with our local pound and am always advocating pet adoption. Jim worries every time he sees me eyeballing dogs. He says, “I don’t want to buy a house in the country because you will be the first crazy DOG lady!” Obsessed——->Me


    • I KNOW you LOVE Ralph. In fact, I was careful to include Ralph photos, with you in mind! Gotta take care of Sista!

      Yeah, we are always tempted to adopt more dogs. In fact, it’s happened a number of times since we’ve been here, as there are a lot of stray and mal-nourished dogs on the street here, as well. But I wanted this post to be cheerful and uplifting.

      Glad you enjoyed. Hugs to you, my dear!


    • Oh, thank you for noticing our tsunami warning. Yes, all of our friends on the coast were evacuated but have now been given the all-clear. So, we should be good to go. But you better bet I was worried for a while last night.

      Yes, they are friendly Fido photos. Thanks for taking a look, dear Robert–and have a wonderful Wednesday!


  2. Even though I live in a no dogs allowed building, Kathy, I am a life-long dog lover. These pooch pictures are all great. NYC is a very dog-friendly place with dog runs throughout. Many dig owners I encounter have rescue pets – something that I think is wonderful. Is that practice popular in Ecuador? With so many seemingly pampered four-legged friends about in their Santa suits, is vet care also affordable? This recent harsh winter I saw many dogs clad in not only coats but special dog boots. New Yorkers have very fashionable beasts, too. Fun post, pal! Bring on the goats next week!


    • Ha, Ha! Yes, next week’s post is all set to go, and it DOES feature one very fine goat specimen. SO you will be happy.

      Great question. Yes, vet care is VERY affordable compared to the US–probably about 25% of what it is the US, and vets are located here in abundance.

      Yes, there are lots of expats who adopt “street dogs” who are strays, and there are a number of them.

      I have always wanted to get some of those boots. I always thought they would be good here during the rainy season when our dogs’ paws get muddy.

      Glad you enjoyed the post, my friend. Have a wonderful week!


  3. Great pictures, though I still fell bad for the ones in costumes!!;) No dogs roam our area streets unless they want to make their way to the local pound! It doesn’t matter if they’re blonde or brunette!!;) Love your photo ideas and more talents!


    • Okay, I will grant you that–the Santa suits are a bit over the top, but I also have to admit that they make us chuckle, too. Glad to hear you enjoyed the photos. Sara took most of them. I only took a few.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s wonderful to hear from you this morning! Tell Renee we said “hi.”


  4. Thanks for the shift in perspective on the Ecuadorian Dogs we share the streets with. My favorite is of you and Ralph with the colorful luggage and beautiful door. Have a great trip to the coast. Maybe the effects of the tsumani warning will gift you with some bigger waves to watch.


    • That’s a great and positive way to look at the tsunami warning! Thank God all is well now.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the luggage photo, in particular. I got those suitcases in the US just before we moved, as I thought they’d be easy to spot at the airport. And, indeed, they are. Thanks so much for your comment, Micki. Wonderful to hear from you this morning. Hope you and Jaci have a wonderful Wednesday!


  5. Kathy, love the DOGS! It still effects me a lot the to see the amount of strays in the city……I want to adopt but as you know it would not last long with our girl Boo Boo. My favorite pic is you and Ralph waiting for Sara to arrive with all the luggage, both staring in the same direction and you leaning on the door frame. I also love the 2nd close up of the dog packs…the quality of the photo is amazing. Can’t wait for the four of us to head to the coast! Love ya!


  6. Thank you, dear Juan. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I suspected you would. I’m with you on the stays. And I bet that issue is worse on the coast. We want to adopt all the time, too. So many sad faces that just need a little love and care.

    We TOTALLY can’t wait for our trip. Hugs and love to you, too!


    • The fact that Rosa Parks enjoyed it makes my day!!!! Glad you both appreciated the photos. We have Sara to thank for most of them. Thanks for taking a look and wishing us well. We can’t wait to go to the beach!


  7. No dogs don’t roam the streets, mine walk with me without a leash and all the neihbors know them by name. There are two across the street in different yards that greet us on our walk. Oh I forgot there is one dog who climbs his fence to visit Sonic across street, than he jumps in that yard to play… His owners are always coming around to look for him.

    These are great photos, I love the ones behind the fences/gates, so sweet, looking for attention. I look forward to the part two.


    • Thank you, dear Jeff. I will tell Sara you enjoyed the photos. That will mean a LOT coming from you. I, too, am fond of the peaking-pup images, if you will. Thanks also for sharing your canines-in-the-hood tales. I’m a sucker for dog stories. Glad you are looking forward to part two. Hope you are having a good week. Glad to hear your mom is feeling better. Hugs from both of us, my friend!!!!


      • Kathy,
        and then I had to look up the weekly photo challenge, thinking why am I not doing that? would give me another purpose to blog. I think your take on the challenge is very creative! well done!


  8. This is a really fun post! I’m still smiling as I write this! I haven’t had a dog since childhood. We’ve never lived in a place with enough space for one. I grew up with an Old English Sheepdog named Watson, and I love big dogs. I adore it when people dress up their dogs–I hope the dogs equally enjoy it!. My cats won’t tolerate being costumed in any way, shape, or form, but Lord knows I’ve tried! Have a great trip! 🙂


    • Oh, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how fun it was to put this post together. And I have to admit. I love to costume Lucy, and she loves to have bows put in her hair. She cooperates beautifully with having her hair combed and the ribbons “administered.” Then she gets so excited when it’s done and prances all over the house. How funny that you’ve tried to costume the cats! That would be a hoot! Great to hear from you. Thanks for wishing us well on our trip!


  9. Did you do the painting of the group of dogs ? It’s wonderful !

    Dogs are such a big parts of our lives all the world over. I was surprised to see a Saint Bernard in Ecuador. Thought it would be too hot there for them …?


    • Great comment, Sybil. No, it is not hot here in the Andes. We are near the equator, but at this elevation it goes down to about 50 Fahrenheit at night and never gets hotter than 75. Most days the high is around 70.

      I did not do that second image of the dogs. Sara did it on photo shop. I don’t think it was a terribly difficult process but I wouldn’t know for sure.

      Wonderful to hear from you today. Hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for your comment!


  10. Loved the post Kathy. I giggle when I see dogs in cute outfits.. The Santa outfit did it for me.
    I loved each photo; the dogs told me their own story. They warmed my heart.
    Have a wonderful time at the beach. Really looking forward to your next post, I truly enjoy all of them.


    • Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the post. It’s interesting that you could see the stories the dogs had to tell, as Sara specifically looks for story when she takes a photo. Maybe all photographers do. I don’t know.

      Like you I have to laugh when I see dogs in costumes. And I must admit, I’ve been guilty of dressing our Lucy up.

      Hope your week is going well. It’s wonderful to hear from you!!!!!!!


      • Oh Kathy, I do too. I love photography but I’ve had more portraits which involve my family than ones that tell a story. I never give up, because I think every image has a story to tell, I think If i go in with that mind set, the photo says it all – does that make sense?

        Sending you hugs


  11. Kathy – As a LOVER of companion animals — dogs and otherwise — this was a particularly fun post to read. As always, your vivid photographs are FUN to view and re-view over a cuppa tea. I’m looking forward to the continuing saga. Have a blast on your getaway!


    • Thank you, Laurie. So happy to hear you enjoyed the photos. I will be sure to pass that info along to Sara. Can’t tell you how fun it was to go through the many dog photos we’ve taken over the past year.

      Great to hear from you, my friend!


  12. I was also smiling from start to finish reading this and looking at all the photos. Just wait until my dog daft Little Guy sees it – he’ll be in heaven. Have a fabulous trip. I look forward to seeing all the pictures. 😀


    • Thank you, my dear! So glad you enjoyed this one. Can’t tell you how fun it was to put together. Hadn’t realized Sara had taken so many dog photos. Can’t wait to hear what the boys think. It warms my heart so that you share with them. Hugs to all of you from here in the Andes. Have a lovely day and an even lovelier week!


  13. Naturally I love this post and the canine pictures. However, the first thing that caught my eye was your luggage. No guessing at the airport for you. I am glad this was a happy post about well loved well cared for pups. The costumes are fab. Roaming is discouraged in my neck of Chicago and mostly those “stray” ended up captured and brought to the “dog ladies house” (my house) until we can find their owners and sometimes a new home. I am a big fan of leashes. Rascal, my Parsons terrier, loves to play dress up. No projection on my part. We easter dye her when we do our eggs ( a tradition started without my approval between my son and his dad) and I swear she looks forward to it. Or does she look forward to the treats that follow?
    Looking forward to part 2.

    ♥ from Chicago


    • Oh, Katybeth, I knew as I put this together that this would be a post for you. I do adore dogs. And so does Sara. There is a sad side to this story, and one I probably should have addressed, and that’s the many malnourished strays we also have. It’s not as bad here as in places like India or Haiti, but the real “street dogs” exist. I just didn’t feel equipped to take on the issue, as it SO breaks my heart.

      By the way, I’ also a huge leash fan. But unfortunately they are not used here very often.

      And, goodness, do I love your Easter story! Can’t wait for you to, perhaps, post photos of that as the season for that is fast approaching!

      Hope you are having a good week. Bet you’re glad spring is coming!!!!!


  14. Doggone it, I just love the photos you posted – and I’ve never been what you would call a dog person. Maybe I’m coming around? We don’t have many dogs roaming around these parts thanks to leash laws, though my coworkers do on occasion bring their dogs into the office. Usually when the bosses are out of town…funny how that works. Woof!


    • Yes, I know you’re more of a cat person, but I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I suppose these happy faces are hard to not love. However, the second half of this post promises feline photos. I promise! Love that your co-workers bring their dogs to work. I’ll say “woof” to that! Have a wonderful week, my friend! And thanks for stopping by!


  15. Great pup shots. I especially love the last few of the dogs looking through/under fences and walls. I see a lot of that here in SA since pretty much every house is surrounded by a fence or wall. Love the costumes too.

    Enjoy your busy adventures!


    • Thanks so much, Heather! I’ll have to tell Sara that you, too, enjoyed those last few images. That means a LOT coming from YOU! Glad you enjoyed the doggy drag, too. I swear, that never fails to crack me up. I’m such a sucker for that sort of thing–though, I promise, I have never dressed our dogs in Santa suits! Hope you are having a wonderful week, my friend!


  16. As you might have expected, I LOVE this post! I always enjoy getting Ralph and Lucy updates. Will you get to take them with you when you go to the beach? Do they enjoy the water?

    How funny to see all the dogs dressed in Santa outfits. Reggie would like to meet them. He’s been a good boy this year. 🙂


    • Oh, thank you, Jackie! Yes, I know this is your sort of thing, too. Why do we love our dogs so? I’m just such a sucker for Fido photos, it’s pathetic. Heck, I’m just a sucker for pups, period. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! It was a total hoot putting this one together. Had planned to do one post, but when I finished and had it ready to post, there were 74 photos in it, and I was afraid some folks, especially here in Ecuador, with slow internet, would have a hard time loading it.

      Stay tuned, as we have seen almost every creature imaginable on our streets. Hugs to you and Reggie from all of us!


    • SO glad you enjoyed the post. You know, as I told a number of folks, I had this totally finished and scheduled to post, when I happened to count the images. When I saw that I had 74 photos in it, I realized I needed to divide this, as folks like you would NEVER be able to load it. So stay tuned. Next week you will get the pics of all the other critters we see in the streets here in this beautiful country.

      About the tsunami warning——Yeah, since Sara directed Habitat for Humanity’s response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, we are sensitive to the destruction that these things can do. So I panicked a bit, when I heard the warning. But, thank God, all is okay.

      By the way, Sara got her Ecuadorian driver’s license today. And she got EVERY single answer right on that silly test. Well, not silly, but in SPANISH and you only have 12 minutes to take the damn thing–which is hard in a second language.

      Hugs to you from here in Cuenca, Z. Be well, my friend!


  17. Those dogs considered very lucky. Recently I went to Yemen and India; it’ll break your heart how they treat dogs in these areas, they are on the street and everywhere, no body looking after them or control their population as street dogs.


  18. Oh, Kathy, these dogs look well-fed and well-loved. If I posted a street dog article on the dogs of Ometepe Island, it would have to come with a warning. Our dogs are pitiful, all bones, parasite ridden, and really, really pitiful. Did I say pitiful? I don’t know of another word to describe them. I’d take them all in if I could. We fostered one dog, but it died shortly after we took him from a neighbor’s house. We have three rescue cats and they don’t know how good they have it. They were thrown in a dump when they were just babies. Life in Nicaragua isn’t good for most animals. It’s very sad. But, on a brighter note, we just got a vet from the USA who moved to Ometepe and is setting up a clinic. I’m in the states now, and the first thing I bought was a small cloth cat carrier so I can take my cats for a check-up on the bus. Have a great vacation.


    • It’s wonderful to hear from you today! We have our share of strays here, as well. However, I saw a recent statistic that Cuenca has more vets per capita than any town in Latin America, so thinks here aren’t nearly as bad. Glad you got the carrier and are getting a vet. That’s bound to make a difference.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the well-wishes. We can’t wait to go to the beach!!!


  19. Not many dogs wandering the roads here…too many coyotes…better know a super dogs because of their ability to survive everything man has thrown at them..some are really quite lovely…had one who would during the summer rest under one of my pine trees.


    • Yes, I remember that you all have coyotes, Charlie. Interesting to hear that one came so close to your home. I can only imagine that so many would, indeed, cut down on the stray dog population. Great to hear from you, my friend!


  20. Too cute, Kathy! Seeing dogs dressed up is not a common sight in South Africa. I still have a picture I took of a dog in NYC with little booties on…strange sight for me. Looking forward to seeing the ‘other’ animals!


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of doggy drag in South Africa. That would seem a strange juxtaposition. However, we NEVER anticipated seeing it here either. We’ve been surprised.

      Yes, I have seen those bookies. Actually, I’d love to have some for my dogs during the rainy season when it gets so muddy outside.

      Great to hear from you, Gertie. Hope you are having a wonderful week, my friend! Thanks for stopping by!


  21. I love this post! So many dogs, so little time. Now, when you say wander the streets, are these dogs alone? Unattended, belonging to no one? Like the dogs from Sochi? I hope not! But I love your photos of dogs and hope you’ll take more and share them. Can’t decide my favorite but I must say I was partial to the “pack” photo. Seeing the four of them standing at attention, too cute. And of course your dogs I already have a thing for. Too cute! More please. Can’t wait for the critter edition. (PS: This would make a great coffee table pictorial book.!)


    • Ha, ha! YOu are so right. Hadn’t even thought of a coffee table book. Love that idea.

      Like you, I enjoy the photo of the pack dogs. However, your question is a good one. And actually these dogs are in a variety of situations. Some are, clearly, behind gates and live in the homes they are in front of. Others were leash-less and running the streets. However, these are dogs that would seem to belong to someone. These dogs would seem to be well-fed and groomed. However, there are other dogs in the streets who are clearly homeless, hungry, and matted. I chose not to include those images. I just didn’t have the heart.

      Hope you are doing well, my friend. It’s wonderful to hear from you!


  22. As much as I love all of the pictures I think my most favorite picture of Sara of all of the ones I’ve seen….is this one with her and Ralph. LOVE IT.

    And doesn’t Miss Lucy look all spiffy and fancy in her top picture???? 🙂

    Save travels Kathy!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes, I, too, love that photo of Sara and Ralph. And I’m semi-proud to have taken it. Yes, you’re right, Lucy looks spiffy, and she seems to like looking that way–strutting her stuff. Wonderful to hear from you, Colleen. And thanks for wishing us well on our trip. We can’t wait to get to the beach. Be well, my friend. And hugs to you and David!


  23. Hi Kathy, really loved the photo shoot of dogs in the streets, great idea! No stray dogs here on the Oregon coast. I can’t wait till I move there, I’ll be on the lookout for a puppy, so Chester, my 10 year old cat, can grow to like and get along with him/her, He, of course, thinks he is king of the castle. Do they have much in the way of neuter/spay programs for strays there? And have a great time at the beach, Glad you weren’t there this week so you didn’t have to evacuate (if you are going that close to the beach…) Can’t wait to see the other critters, (love them all)!!


    • How wonderful to hear from you today, Sue!

      Great questions that you ask. Yes, there is at least one spay/neuter program that I know of. And, interesting, Cuenca is said to have more vets per capita than any other town in Latin America–which says a lot. Plus, veterinary care costs a fraction of what it does in the US.

      LOVED hearing your description of Chester and his sense of importance. It never fails to crack me up how our animals are able to “control” us. It must just be how cute they are.

      Looking forward to your move. Thanks so much for stopping by. And, please stay in touch!


      • Wow, lots of vets and a spay/neuter program, definitely says alot about the town! Haha, yes animals always are a crack up aren’t they! I can’t wait to get there! I will certainly keep in touch!


  24. You captured some really interesting shots, like the one with the dog sticking his nose out from under the gate! It would seem that the streets of Ecuador are definitely animal-friendly, and perhaps that accounts for why the people all appear to be comfortable and outgoing. Animals do help set a relaxing tone.:-) I can’t wait to see the livestock! That would take some getting used to, but I think it sounds fun. I hope your time with workshops as well as good friends gives you some time to refresh. ox


    • Thank you, Debra. It’s wonderful to hear from you today. Yes, the streets of our town are safe for dogs in a number of ways, but there are also pets that are a lot less fortunate. We see some strays that break my heart. I just couldn’t bring myself to tackle that issue in this post.

      Thanks for wishing us well. We are looking forward to all that is coming up–especially our trip to the beach. Gosh, can’t wait!


  25. Well Miles will fit in in his Santa Suit! Thanks for sharing the dog glimpses. Have fun at the beach and teaching…see ya when you get back. Cheers!


    • Thanks, TB. Yes, Miles would fit in in any suit, but the Santa suit would be perfect. Sara and I can’t help but laugh at the all of the dogs dressed up like people.

      Yes, see you when we get back. We are looking forward to the beach, but I hope to not be totally out of touch, as long as we have functioning wifi. We are told that internet in rural parts of Ecuador is not reliable. We’ll see what happens. And be well, my friend!


  26. Very vibrant and colourful photos! Great choices and interpretation for this week’s theme. A lot of the time when we think about “street life” we think of people. But you’re so right in that animals are every part of street life. The dog looks so sad in the last photo. I think it wants to roam about 🙂


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Interestingly, the dog in that last photo is ours. He really wanted to go with my partner Sara the morning she took that photo. I fear our dogs are kind of spoiled.

      Thanks again for stopping by. And please come again. It’s great to hear from you!


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  29. I especially like the picture of the four “pack” dogs. My son and daughter-in-law ran into an unfriendly and scary wild pack of dogs in Peru on their honeymoon. Have you seen anything like that where you are?


    • Great question, Christine. No, we have not run into wild packs of dogs–though we did in Haiti. The dogs in that photo are all on leashes. It looked like a dog-walker was out with a gang.

      Great to hear from you, my friend. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!


    • Thank you so much. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the photos. Yes, Ecuadorians appreciate their dogs, though there are also a lot of strays who are neglected and sad to see. I appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Please come back again soon!


  30. Aww… what a wonderful perspective of street life! My favorite is the little nose sticking out under the steel wall. I can almost hear the doggy sniffing madly since it could not see.


    • Oh, thank you so much! I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed the post. And, you know, that photo of the nose is one of my favorites, as well. I appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Please visit again soon!


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  32. It is always interesting (and fun!) to read your perspective on the world around you as it helps me to see this big ole’ world in a new light. Safe travels, wishes for a great seminar, and a wonderful time with visiting guests. Lookoing forward to your “return writings” and reading about some of the happenings of the next few weeks.
    Be blessed….


    • Oh, Dianne, I have grown to love your comments. Hope your week is going well. We just got back from the beach, where we didn’t have internet. Sorry to be so slow in responding here. Hugs from Ecuador! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  33. Lucy’s got style. I’d say she’s the Marilyn Monroe of dogs. No insult to Ms. Monroe. Nice photos too. Those dogs, being so many of them, are walking about like they’ve got some business about themselves.


    • LOL Your comments inevitably make me laugh. Thank you SO much! Lucy, indeed, has style, not to mention attitude!

      Hope your week is going well. We just got back from the beach, where we didn’t have internet. Sorry to be so slow in responding here. Hugs from Ecuador! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  35. Cute collection of doggies. 🙂 I was always afraid of dogs when I was a child. I’m not as afraid of most dogs now (and even like and appreciate some that I’ve met). Thankfully, I didn’t pass on that fear to my children (they both have dogs, and it was through their dogs that I’ve learned to be less fearful). Have a fantastic time at the beach, with your workshop, and with your friends, Kathy!


    • Thank you, dear Robin! Hope your week is going well. We just got back from the beach, where we, indeed, did NOT have internet, but we DID have an awesome time.. Sorry to be so slow in responding. Thanks so much for stopping by! Great to hear from you!


  36. You had me smiling from ear to ear. I don’t know what was better the packs or the dress up. All far too cute. My new puppy is a ginger I think, though she isn’t quite certain she is a dog at all. 🙂


    • Ha, ha! Our dogs don’t know they are dogs either. In fact, I should be spelling out the word—D-O-G–rather than saying it. What kind of dog is she? So glad you got one, my friend. Thanks for the comment. I love hearing from you, dear Val!


  37. Ah, dogs, Kathy. Thanks for posting these dear photos. I suppose most of these dogs speak Spanish; I could take them all home, nonetheless. We have neighbors who rarely leash their dogs; the dogs seem to mind, though, and not run out into the street. I don’t know how people get their dogs to behave so well; with me, it’s the reverse. My dogs have me inclined to say, “If it’s not too inconvenient, would you mind getting out of the street?” Few dogs dressed in costume here, other than the usual neck scarf.

    I love Lucy’s bow, and her hairdo. So pretty and feminine.

    I hope you are enjoying the beach and have fun with your workshop.

    Hugs from Delaware.


    • Thank you, my friend. We DID have a wonderful time at the beach. We got home last night and are trying to prepare for our workshop. However, Sara is sick as a dog–ha, ha–pun totally intended–though the story is sadly true. Glad you enjoyed the dog photos!


  38. OOOO!
    Every time I click over into your world, I get a thrill))

    this is no exception. What a kick seeing all of these colorful, fluffy, fabulous pups. I LOVE the one looking under the door w/ his lovely nose!

    You thrill. xxxxxxx Luv From MN.


  39. Love your pictures! I’m surprised to learn that people in Ecuador favor white dogs – its the same story in Los Angeles. I don’t understand why. Our black dog was in the animal shelter for 6 months before we adopted him. Poor lad.


    • How wonderful to hear from you today, Rosie! So glad you enjoyed the dog photos. I have no idea why there are SO many white dogs in Ecuador. Strange that you see a similar phenomenon in LA. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you are having an awesome week!


    • Oh, the title of your dog post is SO intriguing. Will visit once I’ve finished responding to comments. I am one of those dog-crazy people myself, and even I am fascinated by the behavior of folks like me. But I love cats and almost all animals, for that matter. We just happen to have dogs now. Great to hear from you today. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  40. Hello Kathy!

    Hope your workshop is blooming. Your posts I always look forward to as you have a style of bringing the reader alongside you as you relate all these wonderful insights. I enjoyed my slice of Cuenca life. What a privilege to live in a UNESCO heritage area!.

    The street art photographs took my breath away. The innate talent of these Artists is incredible. Their work would shine effortlessly next to any professional modern art piece.

    You dogs are too cute for words but I’m sure I’m not the first to mention this!

    I like the costumes of Ecuador dogs. Smart!

    Sending all good wishes and Hugs



    • So wonderful to hear from you, Lita! So glad you enjoyed the assortment of dog photos. We love the street art in Ecuador, as well–as we do the dogs dressed up in drag. Hope your week is going well, my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs to you from here in Ecuador!


  41. We have leash laws so it is rare to see a dog loose and roaming. Animal control will pick it up and try to find the owner. I haven’t seen too many dogs dressed in clothing, maybe it is more common in cities. Loved all your doggie pictures, but especially the first one of Lucy with her gorgeous windswept hair!


    • I wish they had leash laws here. In a lot of ways that would make life easier when we walk our dogs, on leashes, of course. Glad you enjoyed Lucy’s photo. I thought that was pretty cute of her, myself. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!


  42. I love this canine collection. I live in the country and where I live dogs are not running loose. Well, at least most aren’t, and the wildlife are better off because of that.


    • Oh, I’m SO glad you enjoyed this post, titi! It’s been strange seeing so many dogs roaming, leashless, but I think it was worse in Vietnam. What’s weird, however, is that they are all very well behaved and most seem to belong to somebody. They have collars.

      Wonderful to hear from you today!!!!!! Thanks for you comment!


  43. How adorable! There are SO many dogs there!

    In our neighborhood, most dogs are kept on leashes or are closely attended by their owners. It is really rare to see a dog running loose. (Although, there are plenty of feral cats that live in the woods and near the many ponds.)


    • Yes, the dogs are sweet, and there are a lot of them. We also seem some who seem to not belong to anyone. But I haven’t seen any homeless cats, yet. Great to hear from you today, Terri. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!


  44. Hi Kathy. Just had five wonderful days in Venice and I swear that here in Italy there are at least one dog to every two people. But they are very cute and (mostly) under control. Haven’t seen many just roaming the streets.
    Hope you have a great time at the beach and enjoy your US visitors.

    Judith (now in Como)


    • Oh, I’m so jealous of your getting to travel in Italy. I have NEVER been there. Interesting to hear about the dogs there, especially. Hope you are having a lovely time, Judith. I suppose it’s hard not to!


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